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First, We NEVER Use Petrochemicals

What exactly are Petrochemicals? Just like they sound, they are chemicals that come from petroleum, just like Gasoline or Kerosine. Dry cleaners have been using Petrochemicals to clean for decades, but the truth is, there are some serious problems with them. PERC or Perchloroethylene (Wikipedia link), the most widely used Petrochemical, is a pretty nasty substance. It’s been called a “likely carcinogen” (likely causes cancer) by the United States EPA, and is also considered a nuerotoxin. It’s also a VOC (Volitile Organic Compound), meaning it’s an air pollutant. (Wikipedia link) The next most widely used chemicals are called “Hydrocarbons”. While slightly better than Perc, these are STILL Petrochemicals, still nuerotoxins, and still VOC’s. Also, BOTH Perc and Hydrocarbon create Hazardous Waste! That’s right, these chemicals are so dangerous that they can’t legally be disposed of like any other substance. Most dry cleaners must hire Hazardous Waste Haulers to come collect the hazardous waste materials they create during the cleaning process.

Not us! Greener Cleaner’s processes don’t create any hazardous waste!

The statistics in our state show that 99.3% of Dry Cleaners in our State are still using petrochemicals to clean! (Source: Dry Cleaner’s Environmental Trust Fund of Illinois, 2012)

So, How Do You Clean?

Two of the most environmentally friendly methods out there: Professional Wet Cleaning, & GreenEarth Dry Cleaning. The Greener Cleaner has built itself being one of the pioneers of our industry, becoming the very first cleaner in the United States to offer Wet-Cleaning, way back in 1995. We were green before being green was the thing to be! We also clean with another top environmentally friendly option, GreenEarth Dry Cleaning. GreenEarth is a Silicone based solvent that is totally odorless, colorless, gentle on clothes, and safe for our environment. It cleans using the same silicone that has been used in household products like hair conditioners and baby bottles for decades. Why do we offer two different methods of cleaning?  It’s very simple – we want the proper tools at our disposal.  You see, our philosophy is that one size does not fit all.  Every type of cleaning has strengths and weaknesses.  Wet Cleaning does a fantastic job on most stains and on most materials, but, there are certain times when GreenEarth dry cleaning might be a better solution.  Same for GreenEarth dry cleaning.  It does an amazing job on many fabrics and stains, but there are certain instances when Professional Wet Cleaning is simply better.  And, in the end, our job is to make sure that we do the job right, the first time, every time.  After all, we’re a cleaners!   What good are we if we’re environmentally friendly, but we only do an “ok” job of cleaning? We think the combination that we have chosen, professional wet cleaning, combined with GreenEarth dry cleaning, is truly an amazing combination.  While they are both outstanding methods of cleaning separately, together they compliment each other to give Greener Cleaner the perfect arsenal to combat almost any stain.




Professional Wet Cleaning

Way back in 1995, The Greener Cleaner became a true Pioneer in our industry. We were the very first cleaner in the entire United States to offer 100% Wet Cleaning as an alternative to harmful chemicals like Perc. Since then, we’ve continued to take a leadership role, becoming one of Chicagoland’s first GreenEarth Cleaners in 2010. As the innovators of the Wet Cleaning process, we have done it longer and have more experience than anyone else, and have become the model for dozens of wet-cleaning operations around the country and Internationally. Click Here for more details about Professional Wet Cleaning.!

GreenEarth Cleaning

What is GreenEarth? The perfect compliment to our Professional Wet Cleaning process. While Wet-Cleaning cleans with water, GreenEarth is still dry cleaning (meaning that clothes are cleaned in a solvent), but it is completely different from all other solvents out there. Quite frankly, it’s one of the most environmentally friendly solvents out there on the market.

The Green Garmento™ Bag

Be Fantastic… Use Less Plastic! ™ With Greener Cleaner, you’ll be using significantly less plastic and packaging, because all of our pickup and delivery customers are now given Green Garmento™ bags to use while using our service! Click to learn more!

Energy Efficient Operation

We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk! Greener Cleaner’s brand new flagship store has gone to great lengths to ensure that our plant is as energy efficient as possible. Through the use of energy efficient lighting in both our storefront and plant, high efficiency washers that limit the amount of water being used, and a fuel efficient fleet to pickup and deliver your clothes, Greener Cleaner is truly one of the ‘greenest’ cleaners around!

No “Greenwashing” here

You may have heard of the term “Greenwashing” before. What does it mean? Quite simply, any dry cleaner can put a sign up and say they are green, but are they truly? Unfortunately, some are making that claim, while not making the investment in equipment and training that it takes to truly clean green.