Common Alternations Available at an Organic Dry Cleaning Company

Do you find yourself throwing out clothes when they don’t fit properly? That’s an expensive habit and one you can avoid with help from an organic dry cleaning company. Your local dry cleaner offers alterations for pants, blazers, skirts, dresses, and more.

You can even get alterations for your wedding dress. Read about some of the common alterations available, and then schedule the services you need.

Alterations for Pants at an Organic Dry Cleaning Company

Unless you get your pants tailored, they probably don’t have the ideal fit. They might be a little bit longer than you’d like, or maybe the waist is too tight or loose. You can fix these problems by taking them to an organic dry cleaning company.

Dry cleaning companies often hem pants and can adjust the waist as well. The company can even adjust the width of the legs to improve the fit. After getting your measurements, the staff will get to work so your pants will fit as they should.

You can even use this service if you gain or lose some weight. With the right alternations, you can keep your pants for years.

Blazer Alterations

If your blazers don’t fit properly, you won’t get the look you want. In fact, you can end up looking frumpy with an ill-fitting blazer. Fortunately, an organic dry cleaning company can provide alterations so you’ll look sharp the next time you put on your blazer.

One of the most common problems people have with blazers is the length of the sleeves. If they’re too long, it’ll look like you’re wearing someone else’s jacket. Also, it’s uncomfortable and impractical when the sleeves go over your hands. If this is the case, you can take your blazer to a dry cleaning company to have the sleeves hemmed.

The placement of the darts is another problem that people face with their blazers. While most people think that the dart placement is permanent, you can have them adjusted at a dry cleaning company. After the alterations are complete, the jacket will have a flattering fit that’s sure to garner lots of compliments.

Alterations for Skirts and Dresses

Do you have what could be the perfect skirt or dress if it weren’t for the hem? You can fix that problem easily by taking it to an eco-friendly dry cleaning company. Hemming is one of the most popular clothing alteration services, and you’re sure to love the results.

Also, you can use a dry cleaning company if you need to adjust the darts on your skirt or dress to make it more flattering. By the time the alteration is finished, you’ll look like a million bucks each time you wear the garment.

Wedding Dress Alterations at an Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning Company

You likely found the perfect wedding gown well in advance of your special day. As your wedding day gets closer, you might try it on, only to realize that it doesn’t fit quite as it should. Fortunately, you can get wedding dress alterations at an eco-friendly dry cleaning company. An experienced dry cleaner can provide expert alterations to ensure your dress fits like a glove.

When your wedding is over, you can go back to the company for professional wedding dress dry cleaning and preservation. When the dry cleaning is done, you can store your dress for as long as you’d like.

Sewing Buttons Back onto Garments

Have you ever had a button get loose or pop off a garment? It’s frustrating when that happens, and you wonder if you should toss it and start over. Instead of throwing the item away, save money by taking it to a dry cleaner.

Your dry cleaning company can sew the button back on so your garment will look new. As professional cleaners, the staff knows proper sewing techniques, so the alteration won’t stand out. On the other hand, if you do it yourself, you could end up using the wrong thread or still having a loose button even after sewing it back on.

Neckline Alterations

Changing the neckline can transform the way shirts and dresses look. If you want to mix things up, you can take your garments to a dry cleaning company for a neckline alternation. Then, you can choose a cut that’s more flattering. You can even alter the neckline to change the style. Thus, if your garment’s neckline has gone out of style, you can update the look with an alteration.

Patching Holes and Tears

If you throw away garments every time they get a small rip or tear, your clothing budget will go through the roof. Plus, you’ll have to part with items that you love.
Fortunately, an eco-friendly dry cleaning company can repair garments with rips, tears, and small holes. Companies can even repair holes when there’s a lining under the garment. This is more complicated, but it’s not too challenging for a professional dry cleaner.

Zipper Alterations

You’ve likely dealt with a stuck or broken zipper a time or two. You might have even tried to fix it, only to realize it’s not as simple as you thought. Instead of tossing the clothes, let your dry cleaning company help.

The company can replace or fix your garment’s zipper if needed. You can even have the company add a new zipper if you want to change the look of the garment. This is a fun way to add a little extra style and pizazz to your wardrobe.

How to Schedule Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning Services

If you have your measurements and know what alterations you need, you can schedule service online. First, sign up for service and schedule a pickup. A valet will grab your clothes and take them to the facility.

You can also visit a local dry cleaning company in person to speak to the tailor directly and get measured. Then, you can schedule a drop-off service to get your garments back when the tailor is finished.


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