Five Biggest Mistakes of Dry Cleaning Businesses

If you have ever used a dry cleaner, the chances are high that you have experienced at least one unfavorable incident with mishandled clothing. With high volumes of today’s fashion requiring dry cleaning services, stories of laundry woes are quite frequent, and we have identified some bad practices of dry cleaning businesses that result in dissatisfied customers. Here are five of the biggest dry cleaning mistakes happening in the dry cleaning industry today:

Poor Customer Service

Poor customer service is an issue facing many dry cleaning businesses. When laundry employees disregard the requests of customers, negative things are very likely to happen to their articles of clothing. It is the dry cleaner’s responsibility to satisfy the customer, and if clothing has been damaged during the cleaning process, the cleaner must take responsibility for the damages. Responsible cleaners such as Greener Cleaner adhere to the guidelines of the Drycleaning and Laundry Institute, which prides its members on reliability and excellent customer service.

Greener CleanerValuing Quantity Over Quality

When handling heavy volumes of clothing during busy periods of time, some dry cleaners will attempt to rush jobs and push more garments through the cleaning cycle than is allowed by their machinery. These dry cleaners overfill their washing machines and exceed equipment limitations with large quantities of clothing in order to meet deadlines. This results in clothing that does not become entirely clean in the wash cycle. If a laundry location is consistently busy and overwhelmed,  they should consider investing in more equipment instead of overtaxing machines that are inadequate for large loads. A misguided view of productivity often does more harm than good in this industry.

Not Following Instructions

Although some clothing manufacturers have been known to attach incorrect care labels to clothing, those instances are rare, as the Federal Trade Commission will go after clothing manufacturers guilty of mislabeling. Most mistreatment of garments stems from dry cleaners either ignoring or misreading the directions on care labels.

 Losing Clothes

When dry cleaners do not maintain a reliable tracking system for cleaning orders, clothes can become lost or misplaced. A badly organized work floor can lead to your clothing going into someone else’s closet, or vice-versa. Greener Cleaner not only keeps orders on track but also provides a free pickup and delivery service for optimal convenience and no hassle for the customer.

Using Harmful Chemicals

Surprisingly, 99.3% of dry cleaners in Illinois still use petrochemicals in the cleaning process. These petroleum-based chemicals have been connected with cancer and air pollution. Most cleaners also continue to use hydrocarbons, which, like petrochemicals, are also known to cause health problems and environmental hazards. Greener Cleaner is proud to clean with alternative, environmentally friendly methods that do not harm customer health or generate hazardous waste.

These inadequate practices are guaranteed to damage clothing articles, customer relations, and professional reputations. At Greener Cleaner, we take the utmost care in avoiding these pitfalls to ensure a positive cleaning experience for the customer while also contributing toward the elevation of industry standards.