Dry Cleaning Your Business Suit: Do’s And Don’ts

Do’s And Don’ts

For most professional men, your suits are your most luxurious and expensive garments. Men don’t accessorize or change styles as often as women, so shelling out the cash a few nice suits can have you covered for years of professional and other formal engagements. Provided, that is, that you take good care of your suits. A nice suit is only as nice as you treat it. Here’s some tips for keeping your suit in pristine condition:

DO: Rotate Your Suits

If you’re a busy guy, most people probably wouldn’t notice if you were wearing the same suit everyday. At least not by the looks of it. But this is the best way to wear a suit out. Your suit needs time to breath and relax if you want it to preserve its shape and touch. Rotating your suits every few days will also take care of residual odors if you store them properly. Put your suit in a dark, temperature and humidity controlled room, in a garment bag that breathes.


DON’T: Clean Your Suits Every Week

Rotating yours suits means you don’t have to clean them as often, since they won’t develop odors or feel stretched or worn out after a few uses. If you only have one or two suits, it may seem like dry cleaning is the best way to freshen them up, and cheaper than buying more suits. But, in the long run, even the best cleaning methods will still do irreparable damage to your garments.


DO: Take Your Suit To The Dry Cleaner

Your suit is a delicate garment that needs to fit just right to look good. Home cleaning methods, especially washing machines and dryers, agitate clothing far more than necessary, inducing undue wear and tear that stretches the fabric, loosens seams, and shrinks the fibers. Only a professional cleaner has the proper machines and chemicals to remove stains and odors without damaging your suit.


DON’T: Take Your Suit To A Conventional Cleaner

Most dry cleaners use a chemical called perchlorethylene (PERC) as a solvent to clean suits and other garments. Although it is less viscous than water, and comparatively good at removing oil-based stains, PERC is a toxic substance with carcinogenic properties. PERC often leaves a residue in clothing, and can even contaminate groundwater if it is not properly disposed of. To avoid this hazardous substance, take your clothes to an eco-friendly dry cleaner.

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