The Advantages of Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Why Green Cleaning? 

 In the last post, we discussed some of the dangers associated with the conventional dry cleaning chemical known as PERC. We don’t really think of cleaning as something that leaves behind harmful residue on your clothes, and in the air and soil. But we wouldn’t be a very good cleaner if all we did was make your clothes less dangerous—they have to be even cleaner, too! So here are some of the ways that our green cleaning practices actually get the job done better than conventional dry cleaning.


Out With The Old

If PERC was absolutely the best chemical for cleaning stains, oil, and dirt out of clothes, we might be in trouble. Fortunately, PERC is actually a pretty old invention that was first synthesized all the way back in 1821. Since then, dry cleaners have been eager to save money on R&D and proprietary solvents at the expense of not only your health, but also the cleanliness of your clothes. Our green cleaning methods use newly engineered solvents that clean even better than PERC without any of the dangers and health risks.


The Best Of Both Worlds

When you take a garment to the cleaners, there aren’t really many options for treating different materials. Unless you have a stain, the treatment is going to be pretty much the same: give it PERC. At Greener Cleaner we have two proven alternatives that can suit any problem. Wet Cleaning uses water and eco-friendly solvents and softeners to clean 99.9% of garments we receive.

For any garments that are not suited for water immersion/agitation, we treat them using the GreenEarth method, an ultra-low viscosity silicone-based solvent that cleans better than PERC with no negative effects. Both processes are odor-less and colorless, so you wont find any residue on your clothes like you would at a conventional dry cleaner.

Changing The Game

When you use eco-friendly cleaning services like ours, you not only preserve your health and the environment, you help set a new standard in the industry. We are constantly growing and achieving recognition in communities in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. We offer the best cleaning services available, green or otherwise, to show that this is the way of the future. Help make the world a better place by supporting Greener Cleaner!

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