Reasons why Eco-friendly dry cleaning should be fully adopted

At some point in your life, you must have heard about the increasing rate of climate change. People are taking various measures to be environmentally conscious in order to slow down this rate because our collective choices determine if we will succeed or fail in this quest.

Doing the right things to save the Earth from the disastrous effects of climate change begins with the small actions we take. One of which is using the eco-friendly option when you want to dry clean your clothes and other fabrics. This is not to undermine the merits of traditional dry-cleaning because going for eco-friendly dry cleaning is using one stone to kill two birds.

If you are wondering how you can save the environment through dry cleaning, here are some things to know

1. Reduced odds of health problems

People who know the value of eco-friendly dry cleaning will agree that all cleaning products do not come with many health risks, unlike conventional dry cleaning. Eco-friendly dry cleaning products do not have volatile organic substances that cause health problems like cancer, skin irritation, etc.

Anyone who is exposed to these chemicals for a long time stands the chance of damaging their kidneys or lungs. In comparison, products like an environmentally-friendly laundry detergent do not come with toxic ingredients that affect our health. Generally, since eco-friendly dry cleaning is water-based, your clothes will have a longer lifespan because of the gentle wash they will receive.

2. Improved air quality

You might love the fragrance that comes with inhaling your clothes after regular dry-cleaning, but this is because you have not used the eco-friendly option. When you inhale the fragrance after traditional dry cleaning, there is a chance of taking in toxic chemicals.

On the other hand, you are not at risk with eco-friendly dry cleaning because they are usually plant-based. So, they don’t emit smells that induce allergies. Most eco-friendly products like detergents don’t have chlorine mixes that usually cause a reduction in the ozone layer.

3. Saves Energy and Water

With eco-friendly dry cleaning, you will be saving energy and water, which would be used for other purposes. Eco-friendly dry cleaning comes with a short spinning time. This means that you can launder your clothes faster than traditional dry cleaning and save on the entire energy expended. More so, this dry cleaning method doesn’t need much water to remove dirt and stains.

4. It is quite affordable

Will you be surprised to hear that eco-friendly dry cleaning are sometimes more affordable than traditional dry cleaning? The reason is, traditional dry cleaners spend more in getting chemicals to clean our clothes. And since people are waking up to their adverse effects, taxes are being placed on some of them. The case is different with eco-friendly dry-cleaning solvents, which are not as expensive as those chemicals.

5. Effective in stain removal

Since you want to save the environment and clean your clothes, you can achieve both goals with eco-friendly dry cleaning. The solvents used in this cleaning method have a profound penetration power that eliminates dirt and stains in clothes. These solvents perform better than the toxic chemicals used in traditional dry cleaning. This means that your clothes will look better with organic dry cleaning.

6. Keeps your clothes in a good condition

If you want what is best for your clothes, you need to try out eco-friendly dry cleaning. In traditional dry cleaning, there are some substances that can damage the quality of your clothes over time. You will even notice that it is more difficult to remove some stubborn stains.

Eco-friendly cleaning agents are usually gentle on clothes with no hidden risks. With these cleaning agents, you can launder your clothes multiple times without incurring any damage, which enhances the longevity of your clothes. In addition to clothing, if you have other fabrics that you want to last, try out eco-friendly dry cleaning.

7. To support organic dry cleaners in saving the planet

You might be surprised to hear that some eco dry cleaners are involved in projects to save the environment and the planet at large. This means that they need sufficient funds to achieve this. You can lend your support by patronizing them and also saving the environment indirectly.

Eco-friendly dry cleaners are passionate about the environment, and they often plan various strategies to protect the planet. So, spending your money on eco-friendly dry cleaning will go a long way in playing your part.

8. To teach people about the importance of saving the planet

Not everyone knows the implication of their actions on the planet. If they were properly informed, they would stop some of their present activities. You can be a good example by teaching people how to save the planet by reducing the rate of climate change through eco-friendly dry cleaning. When people see your level of dedication to this cause, they will be motivated to take action.

Additionally, when everyone around you contributes their quota in reversing global warming effects, it is a stepping stone to achieving more with other people. It might be a far cry to get this done, but once you compare the benefits of eco-friendly dry cleaning to the traditional means, people will be convinced to give it a try.


This article was written to make you leverage the merits of eco-friendly dry cleaning, especially if you are used to traditional dry cleaning. Hence, this is not to undermine traditional dry cleaning in anyway but to open your eyes to the beauty of eco-friendly dry cleaning that should not be overlooked.

To make things easier, you can use an eco-friendly dry cleaning pickup and delivery service. They will handle your laundry while you go about other activities. With eco-friendly dry cleaning, you can be sure that you are playing your part in saving the environment.

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