Benefits of Choosing Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning for Your Wedding Dress

Most women decide to preserve their wedding dress. This is a memory from one of the most important days of your life, and you likely spent a fair amount of money on it. Any wedding gown preservation company will recommend having your gown dry cleaned before preserving it. Of the various options available, it’s best to opt for an eco-friendly dry cleaning service.

But why choose eco-friendly dry cleaning over the other options? Explore some of the benefits.

You Help the Planet

The most obvious advantage of eco-friendly wedding gown dry cleaning is the reduced impact on the planet. Cleaning your wedding dress is one of the things that you can’t avoid doing, but you can make it more environmentally friendly. Opting for organic dry cleaning reduces your impact on the planet. You will feel good knowing that you made a small, simple change to help out Mother Nature.

It Uses Less Water and Energy

How do you help the planet by choosing eco-friendly dry cleaning for your wedding dress? The process uses less energy than conventional dry cleaning. It will also use less water than other types of cleaning methods. On top of that, the process does not involve using cleaning solvents that are bad for the planet. Additionally, most organic dry cleaning will use a lower temperature. This further reduces the energy requirements.

It Encourages the Services to Continue Being Offered

You likely won’t need your wedding dress dry cleaned again in the future, but by taking advantage of eco-friendly dry cleaning, you show that this service is in demand. That encourages companies to continue offering this type of cleaning for wedding dresses, helping other brides do their part to help the planet.

No Harsh Chemicals, So It’s Gentle on Your Dress

When dry cleaning services are eco-friendly, thesed won’t use harsh chemicals and solvents to clean your items. That’s good news for the planet as well as for the items being washed. After all, harsh chemicals may be harmful to your clothing as well.

While avoiding harsh chemicals and the potential damage they cause is important for regular dry-cleaning services, it is especially crucial for something as special as your wedding dress. After all, wedding dresses are typically made from delicate materials. On top of that, you want them to stay in good shape for years to come, so you can look at the gown and remember your special day.

It’s Safe for Your Health

The fact that eco-friendly dry cleaning uses non-toxic solvents and chemicals provides yet another benefit for you and your wedding gown. It means that you won’t be potentially exposed to harsh chemicals when you handle your dress. Given that you are likely going to preserve the dress and put it in a closet for safekeeping, this is crucial. Remnants of any chemicals on your gown may stay there for a long time.

It’s Good for Sensitive Skin

While you likely don’t have any current plans to wear your wedding gown again, what if you change your mind? What if you want to see how it fits in a few years? Maybe you’ll have a vow renewal ceremony and decide to wear it again. Or maybe you’ll watch your daughter wear it one day.

In any of these situations, the fact that eco-friendly dry cleaning avoids chemicals will be great news for your skin. People with sensitive skin, in particular, should opt for organic dry cleaning to avoid irritation from chemicals. Even if you don’t currently have sensitive skin, it makes sense to be extra careful. After all, you don’t know how sensitive your skin will be in a few years.

Preserves the Color (Even White)

Assume you have a traditional white gown. You may not realize it, but traditional dry cleaning chemicals, like PERC, can leave a yellowish hue on clothing. That’s especially troublesome if your gown is the traditional white. After all, if you are preserving your gown, you want it to be the same gorgeous white it was on your big day, not a shade of yellow.

Or maybe you have a gorgeous gown in another color. In that case, you will benefit from the fact that an eco-friendly dry cleaning pickup service is gentle on colors. The colors in typical harsh dry cleaning solvents can cause vibrant colors to fade. But eco-friendly solvents don’t cause this problem, keeping your gown’s color vibrant for years to come.

Your Gown Won’t Shrink

An organic dress dry cleaning service also eliminates concerns about your gown shrinking during the cleaning process. This is a common concern with some dry cleaning processes but not with eco-friendly or organic ones. That’s thanks to the gentle methods used, including the reduced heat.


The Convenience of Delivery and Pickup

Another benefit of using an eco-friendly wash and fold service is that many of these businesses offer delivery and pickup. Laundry delivery is particularly convenient for bulky, heavy clothing like wedding dresses. This means you won’t have to lug a heavy dress to and from the laundry shop. All you have to do is prepare it for pickup and wait for the shop to collect the dress.

As you’re searching for “dry cleaning near me,” make sure you search for dry cleaning shops that offer pickup and delivery services as well.

It’s Surprisingly Affordable

Some brides are worried about keeping costs low, especially after spending lots of money on their big day. If you think eco-friendly dry cleaning is expensive, then you likely won’t even consider it. But in reality, the price difference between a regular and eco-friendly dry cleaning delivery is minimal. It is just as accessible as any other wedding dress dry cleaning.

And it’s not like you can skip dry cleaning your dress after your big day anyway. Remember that the longer you wait, the harder it will be to remove any stains or simply clean the gown thoroughly.

If you still need convincing, remember that a few extra dollars for eco-friendly dry cleaning will give you the benefits above, including preserving the color and appearance of your dress for the future.

Choose a Local Laundry Service with Eco-Friendly Wedding Dress Cleaning

Arrange wedding dress dry cleaning from a local service with eco-friendly services. The best services make it easy to schedule pickup and delivery of your gown and can even help you preserve it.