Fabric Care Tips

Are stains somehow attracted to you? Well, at Greener Cleaner, it is our mission to keep your clothes clean and soft, just like the day you bought them. At Greener Cleaner, we provide a cleaning service without the hazardous materials! Unfortunately, most cleaners use petrochemicals to clean your clothes. These chemicals are not only harmful to your clothing but to the environment, as well.

Now, we understand that sometimes you may not have time to make it to the cleaners, and although we provide free pick-up and delivery in the Chicagoland area, it may not be an option at times. That’s why we have come up with a few tips in the maintenance of your clothing before you can get them to the cleaners.

Clothing Stains

There is one rule to the treatment of clothing stains – never rub. Rubbing clothing may damage the material; instead, try to blot the stained area. This will help remove some of the stain from the area, while avoiding damage.

Tip: Some clothing stains may not be visible after drying up. It is imperative to notify your cleaners or pay extra attention to such stain, as they may yellow or brown later.

Leather Care

When wearing leather, try to wear a scarf to prevent the collar area from coming in contact with body oils and perspiration.

If you’re ever caught in the rain, let your leather air-dry away from heat and keep it in a cool, dry area, for leather can dry-out in hot, humid environments.

Things That Can Discolor and Weaken Fabric

-Antiperspirant and deodorant that has been left on for too long.

-Perfume, cologne, aftershave, hairspray and other products containing alcohol.

-Cleaning products, toothpaste, soap and some detergents.

-Salt from food and beverages, along with salt for snow removal.



The Greener Cleaner Way

So, those are a few ways to help prevent stains, damage and the weakening of your clothes. If you have any questions, feel free to stop on by and see what Greener Cleaner can do for you.

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