Greener Cleaner: Services Spotlight

Whether you need your attire cleaned for work or for that big event coming up, Greener Cleaner is the perfect place to send your clothing to ensure they return to you in tip-top shape. We offer the most convenient and environmentally free dry cleaning and laundering services in the industry. Listed below are some of our specialty services that make us the go-to place for Chicagoland’s dry cleaning needs.

Professional “Wet” Cleaning

Recognized by the EPA as one of the most environmentally friendly options, wet cleaning is a PERC and petrochemical free way of cleaning your clothing.  Now safe for almost any garment, wet cleaning utilizes water to get rid of the daily mishaps that anyone goes through without the use of harsh chemicals.

GreenEarth Cleaning

For your more delicate articles of clothing, Greener Cleaner has developed an eco-friendly way to dry clean clothing when the preferred wet cleaning is not an option.  Did you know that 85% of dry cleaners use PERC (a hydrocarbon identified by the EPA as a Toxic Air Contaminant and also a possible carcinogen) as a solvent in cleaning your clothing? Crazy right?

Well, Green Cleaner has taken its own route in getting your clothing ready for anything that comes your way. In our facilities, we have replaced PERC with liquid silicon. Odorless, non-toxic and just as effective as PERC, this method will keep you both looking snazzy and harsh chemical free.


Green Garmento Bags

Laundry bag, clothes hamper, duffel bag, and garment bag all in one. The Green Garmento bag uses plastic-free packaging and is reusable so that you can still get that fresh look of dry-cleaning without harming the environment.  Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent, or on the daily grind of a 9-5, this bag is both durable and multi-faceted for the mornings when you’re trying to get your kid to soccer practice or when you’re running out the door to catch your morning train.


Energy Efficient Operation

In our efforts to reduce our environmental impact, Greener Cleaner is completely dedicated to making sure all of our facilities and vehicles are as energy efficient as possible. Greener Cleaner is constantly looking for ways to decrease our environmental footprint, from the light bulbs in our facilities to the pickup and delivery vehicles to the amount of water we use. We’ll even recycle your old wire hangers for you; just drop them off when you drop off your clothing.


FREE Delivery and Pickup

From your home, apartment or even place of work you can have your clothing picked up and delivered for free. Our vans are even green, getting almost double fuel efficiency as older models.  The best part? You don’t even have to be home! Specify where the best place is for your clothing to be dropped off, and we’ll do it for you.  And it’s completely free! No charge, no hassle.

You go seize the day; we’ll make sure you look good doing it.

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