Be Careful of the term “Organic”

When it comes to dry cleaning, “organic” is sometimes being used by cleaners in a way that can only be described as deceitful. The reason? Any chemical with a carbon backbone is “organic”. By that reasoning, PERC, the harmful chemical that is banned in certain areas of the country can be called “Organic”.

Cleaners that use the next most popular type of cleaning solvent, called Hydrocarbon, are also using a bit of word-play when they use the term Organic. Although a bit better than PERC, Hydrocarbon is still a Petroleum based solvent that is considered a “VOC” (Volatile Organic Compound).

Greener Cleaner is Truly Green

At Greener Cleaner, we use no PERC, no hydrocarbon, and no petroleum based solvents.

One thing that we were careful of when making our choice, was to make sure that we were choosing an option that was truly Earth Friendly / Eco Friendly.  After years of research and testing, we found that there were two choices that we felt would do a great job of cleaning and were truly environmentally friendly.  Those two choices, professional wet cleaning and GreenEarth dry cleaning, do an absolutely amazing job of cleaning your clothes, while being truly safe for our environment.

What’s more, your clothes have never looked better! Clothes come out brighter, softer, and odor free. Try our service to see, feel and smell the difference – it’s truly amazing!