How Often Should You Clean Your Comforter?

You are likely in the habit of washing your sheets every week or two, but most people don’t really think about washing their comforters. Yes, you are touching your sheets while you sleep, not your comforter. But it still needs to be washed regularly.

Some people put off cleaning their comforter because it won’t fit in their washing machine. But you can easily find a personal laundry service that accepts comforters. And you’ll likely be surprised by how affordable it is. So, how often should you clean your comforter?

What Affects How Frequently to Wash Your Comforter

There is no single answer to how often you need to wash your comforter. It will depend on a long list of factors, including the following.

Whether You Use a Sheet

One of the biggest factors is whether you use a flat sheet. If there is something separating your body from the comforter, you won’t have to clean it as frequently with an online laundry service.

If You Have a Duvet Cover

Duvet covers are protective sleeves that go on top of your comforter. You can change these regularly and wash them with the rest of your items via a laundry service app. If you have a duvet cover, the comforter itself won’t need to be washed as frequently. After all, there will be another layer between you and the material.

The Material

Speaking of material, some comforters are more delicate. Some even require fast dry cleaning near me instead of traditional laundry services. Some materials will have to be cleaned more frequently, while others should be cleaned less frequently to prevent damage.

How Many People (and Pets) Sleep in the Bed

The more people (and pets) sleep in your bed, the more frequently you will need laundry and dry cleaning for the comforter. After all, every person and pet will add to the dirt and sweat on the comforter.

If You Shower Before Bed

If you shower before bed, you can probably take your comforter to an organic eco-friendly dry cleaners near me less frequently. After all, there will be fewer oils and dirt getting on the material.

If You Sweat at Night

On the other hand, if you sweat at night, you will need to bring your comforter to the best organic dry cleaners near me more frequently.

If You Have Allergies

You should also wash your comforter more frequently if you have allergies. This will help reduce the risk of irritants like dust mites, dead skin cells, and dust on your comforter.

So, What About a Number?

With the knowledge that how often you should clean your comforter may be different than the answer for someone else, is there a general rule of thumb? Yes, try to clean it at least a few times a year. So, you ideally want to send your comforter with your laundry dry cleaning every few months. You can probably even get away with just cleaning it twice a year if you don’t sweat a lot and shower before bed.

When to Wash the Comforter Sooner

Even with the above considerations in mind, there are some exceptions to the rule. In the following situations, opt to take your comforter to a laundry wash and fold near me as soon as you can.

You Get Sick

When you are sick, your germs can get on the comforter. At the very least, make it a point to change your sheets when you are sick and after you recover. Ideally, you will wash your comforter as well.

You Spill Something

The other big reason to wash your comforter right away is if you spill something. Leaving spills can lead to dry cleaning stains that are hard to get out. Also, you don’t want to sleep on a sticky comforter or one filled with crumbs.

How to Wash Your Comforter

The best way to wash your comforter depends entirely on its material. Always read the care instructions on the tag to make sure you do it properly. Delicate materials will need a dry cleaning pick up near me, while some materials can go in any washing machine.

If you have a large washing machine at home and a machine-washable comforter, go ahead and do it yourself. But most people don’t have machines large enough to fit a comforter. In this case, just put it with your other eco-friendly dry cleaning items. Your laundry service should be able to handle it.

Can You Wash a Comforter at Home?

If your comforter’s tag says it is machine-washable and it fits in your washing machine, you can wash it at home. But there’s an important caveat. The comforter has to fit in the machine with room to spare. If there isn’t enough space, the detergent won’t be able to reach every part of the material well. Most people simply don’t have large enough washing machines to fit their comforters with enough extra space.

What About Other Bedding?

Talking about comforters is the perfect time to refresh your memory on other bedding you may need to send with your pickup and drop off laundry service near me.

As a rule of thumb, wash your sheets, along with your pillowcases, once a week.

Try to wash your blankets and mattress covers about once a month.

Duvet covers should be washed anywhere from once a week to once a month.

For bed skirts, curtains, and canopies, one or two times a year should be fine.

Bring Your Comforter to a Local Drop Off Laundry Service

The best rule of thumb is to take your comforter to your local wash and fold service near me about once or twice a year. Add an extra cleaning if you spill something on it. And wash it more frequently if you share your bed with pets or your kids or if you sweat a lot at night.