Beyond Solvents: How Organic Dry Cleaning Helps the Environment

You likely know that organic dry cleaning companies use non-toxic chemicals to clean clothing. These chemicals are environmentally friendly, making them the right choice for dry cleaning. However, you might not realize that it’s just one way eco-friendly dry cleaning companies help the environment. Find out some additional ways organic dry cleaning helps the green initiative.

Organic Dry Cleaning Companies Conserve Water

Did you know that you use around 40 gallons of water every time you wash clothes? Water consumption has a direct impact on the environment. It removes water from the ecosystem, making it less accessible. Organisms need water to survive, so people have to find ways to get a handle on water consumption. Organic dry cleaning doesn’t use water. Instead, your local dry cleaner uses solvents. Taking your garments to a dry cleaner is an easy way to save water. You might not be able to eliminate washing clothes completely, but you can reduce your water consumption with dry cleaning.

Eco-friendly Companies Use Energy-efficient Transportation

This might come as a surprise, but organic dry cleaning companies use eco-friendly transportation when picking up and delivering orders. Eco-friendly vehicles burn less gas, reducing pollution. Considering that pollution from gas-guzzling vehicles is one of the leading causes of global warming, this is critical. When you use an eco-friendly dry cleaner, you can do your part to reduce pollution on the roads. You don’t have to feel guilty about burning gas since your clothes will be transported in a fuel-efficient vehicle.

Organic Dry Cleaners Use Energy-efficient Light Bulbs

Organic dry cleaning companies care so much about the environment that they even use eco-friendly light bulbs in the facilities. Eco-friendly light bulbs save energy and reduce waste. This, in turn, dramatically reduces greenhouse gas emissions. This is just another way that eco-friendly dry cleaning companies set themselves apart from other businesses.

Get Reusable Hangers from an Eco-friendly Dry Cleaning Company

If you’ve ever used a traditional dry cleaning company, your clothing likely came back on wire hangers. Wire hangers aren’t good for your clothes, and they are also bad for the environment. Because they aren’t very durable, people typically throw them away. Around 100 tons of wire hangers end up in landfills each year, stretching the spaces to capacity. Organic dry cleaning companies are working to solve this problem by getting rid of wire hangers. Instead of getting saddled with wire hangers that you’ll never use, these companies will provide you with reusable hangers. This is much better for the environment, plus you don’t have to worry about wire hangers harming your clothing.

No More Plastic Bags When Using an Organic Dry Cleaning Service

Traditional dry cleaners don’t just hurt the environment with wire hangers. They also use plastic garment bags. Plastic isn’t biodegradable, so when you throw it away, it will remain in a landfill forever. Eco-friendly garment bags allow repeated use, and when done with them, you don’t have to worry about harming the environment. If you are tired of throwing away tons of plastic every time you dry-clean your clothing, consider using an eco-friendly dry cleaning company for pickup and delivery.

Eco-friendly Dry Cleaning Companies Offer Recycling Options

Green cleaners also provide clients with recycling options. You can send your old wire hangers and other materials with your dry cleaning to be recycled. Recycling saves energy while reducing pollutants and greenhouse gases. Plus, it prevents items from going to landfills, so you don’t have to worry about contributing to that problem. This truly is the environmentally friendly way to dry-clean your clothing.

Organic Dry Cleaners Help Clothes Last Longer

Green dry cleaning also helps you keep your clothing longer. The solvents are tough on stains but easy on garments, so you won’t have to replace your wardrobe nearly as often. Most clothing contains fibers that don’t break down, meaning the environmental impact never goes away when they’re discarded. By helping keep your clothes longer, an organic dry cleaner also allows you to reduce your environmental impact. Plus, it’s nice to lower your clothing budget and spend the money on other things.

Organic Dry Cleaning Delivery Services Company Provides Clothing Alterations

Did you know that an organic dry cleaning company also offers professional alterations? This is yet another way to make your clothing last longer. Instead of throwing your clothes away and buying something new, you can have it altered and then get even more use out of it. The longer you can keep your clothing, the better it is for the environment, so choose to make use of this service.

Environmentally Friendly Companies Reduce Paper Waste

Eco-friendly dry cleaning companies also strive to reduce paper waste. Manufacturing paper reduces harmful toxins into the air, and then the paper ends up in landfills after it’s used. Organic dry cleaning companies address this problem by using digital tools such as online scheduling and payment options. This allows dry cleaning companies to keep data on a computer network and provide digital receipts. This might sound like a minor way to help the environment, but it can have a huge impact.

Do Your Part With an Eco-friendly Dry Cleaning Company

An eco-friendly dry cleaner offers so much more than environmentally friendly solvents. While that’s important, that’s just part of what you can expect. Such a company also saves energy, reduces pollution, and more. When you use an organic dry cleaning company, you can rest assured that you have made a wise choice for the environment.

You can also rest assured that the process will be easy. Schedule a service online to set it up. The driver will then pick up your order. You don’t even have to be home for a delivery, so you can go about your normal life while helping the environment with eco-friendly dry cleaning.


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