How to Get Wrinkles Out of Clothes When Traveling

Traveling can open your eyes to new sights, experiences, and cultures. It’s an opportunity to break free from the ordinary, but it often comes with a small yet irritating challenge—wrinkled clothes. 

No matter how meticulously you pack, wrinkles are almost inevitable. While you may not have access to the best dry cleaners in Chicago or laundry service, that doesn’t mean you’re left without options. 

In this post, we’re exploring practical, travel-friendly methods to smooth out those annoying wrinkles and keep you looking your best, wherever you are in the world.

1. Use a Steamy Shower

One of the simplest tricks in the book is to take advantage of your hotel bathroom. Hang your wrinkled clothes in the bathroom while taking a hot shower. The steam created will help relax the fabric and diminish the wrinkles.

This method is particularly useful for light wrinkles and delicate fabrics. Just be sure to hang your garments away from direct water exposure and give them adequate time to dry.

2. Pack a Mini Steamer

Portable steamers are game-changers for travelers. These compact, travel-friendly devices can fit easily into your luggage and work wonders on wrinkled clothes. All it takes is a bit of water and a few minutes, and your clothes will look freshly pressed. It’s an investment that pays off, especially if you’re traveling for business or special occasions where appearance is key.

3. DIY Wrinkle Release Spray

For a quick fix, consider making your own wrinkle-release spray. Mix one part water with one part white vinegar and a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil in a spray bottle. 

Hang your clothes, lightly spray the mixture on them, and gently smooth the fabric with your hands. Not only will this tactic ease away the wrinkles, but the vinegar will neutralize any odors, leaving your clothes smelling fresh. Given that green cleaning services in Chicago advocate for chemical-free cleaning solutions, this method aligns well with an eco-friendly approach.

4. The Good Old Iron

Many hotels thoughtfully equip their rooms with an iron and ironing board to accommodate the needs of their guests. Before you start worrying about wrinkled clothes, make sure to check the closet or inquire at the front desk if these tools are available. 

Ironing might require a bit more effort and time compared to other quick-fix methods for removing wrinkles, but it stands out as one of the most reliable ways to ensure your clothes look their best. 

Achieving a crisp, professional finish on your garments can significantly improve your appearance for business meetings or formal events. It’s important to remember to check the fabric settings on the iron before you begin, to avoid any potential heat damage. 

Different fabrics require different levels of heat, and selecting the correct setting can make all the difference in the outcome of your ironing efforts.

5. Roll, Don’t Fold

When preparing your luggage for a journey, a smart strategy to maximize space and minimize wrinkles is to roll your clothes rather than fold them. This method is not only efficient in saving space within your suitcase, but it also significantly reduces the chances of your clothes getting severely creased during transit. 

To enhance this effect and offer additional protection against wrinkles, consider wrapping your clothing around soft, pliable items such as socks, a scarf, or even a small towel. This adds a layer of cushioning that further prevents any creases from forming. 

By adopting this packing technique, you can ensure your clothes arrive in the best possible condition, ready to wear, making your travel experience smoother and more enjoyable.

6. Layer with Dryer Sheets

To combat static and prevent wrinkles, intersperse dryer sheets between layers of clothes when you pack. The dryer sheets help to reduce friction and static between garments, which can otherwise contribute to wrinkling. 

Beyond keeping your clothes smoother, dryer sheets can also impart a fresh, clean scent to your travel wardrobe, ensuring your clothes smell as good as they look upon arrival.

7. Use the Hotel’s Hairdryer

If you find yourself in a pinch without an iron or steamer, a hairdryer can be a surprisingly effective tool for removing wrinkles. Hang your garment, lightly dampen any wrinkly areas with water from a spray bottle or damp cloth, and then use the hairdryer in a warm setting to gently blow out the wrinkles. 

Keep the dryer about two inches away from the fabric to avoid overheating or damaging the material. This method works best for light to moderate wrinkles and can be a quick fix for smoothing out your clothes.

8. Pack Clothes in Dry Cleaning Bags

Another strategic approach to minimizing wrinkles is to use dry cleaning bags. Place each item of clothing inside a dry cleaning bag before rolling or folding. The plastic helps reduce friction, which is a common cause of wrinkling during transit. 

This method is especially useful for dressier items that are more prone to creasing. Plus, if you’re traveling directly from a dry cleaner or utilizing a green cleaning service, your clothes might already come in these bags, making it even easier to pack efficiently.

9. Professional Services

If you find yourself staying in a hotel or spending an extended period in a city and need to keep your clothes looking their best, it’s worth investigating local dry-cleaning and laundry services that specialize in professional wrinkle removal. 

This can be especially helpful for those traveling for business or attending formal events, where looking sharp is essential. For example, if you were visiting Chicago, taking the time to research and locate the best dry cleaners in Chicago or a highly reputable green cleaning service could ensure that your attire is impeccably pressed and fresh, all without requiring any effort from you.

This not only saves you time but also ensures that you can look your best with minimal hassle, giving you one less thing to worry about during your travels or stay.


While the convenience of having access to the best dry cleaners in Chicago or eco-friendly green cleaning services in Chicago might not be available when traveling, these tips prove that a little creativity and preparation go a long way. 

By employing one or a combination of the above strategies, you can ensure that wrinkles won’t cramp your style on your next adventure. Happy travels!

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