How to Patch Torn Jeans

Denim is built to last, especially when you take care of it. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t end up with a rip or two from time to time. While some people like rips in jeans, the style isn’t for everyone. Fortunately, you have two options for repairing your denim. First, you can patch the jeans yourself. Second, you can search for environmentally friendly dry cleaners near me. Then, the selected dry cleaner can repair your denim for you.

Find out how to patch your jeans at home and go over the benefits of using a dry cleaning service to handle repairs.

Choose a Patch or Use One of the Best Organic Dry Cleaners Near Me

First, you need to choose the type of patch you want to use for repairing your jeans. Some people like to use iron-on patches since they’re easy to apply. Others use scrap denim to patch their jeans. If you go this route, you can affix it with fusible tape or sew it in place.

If you aren’t sure which type of patch to use, consider sending your jeans to a dry cleaning company. You just need to tell the company the look you’re going for, and they’ll apply a patch that fits your personal style.

Get Your Jeans Ready to Apply the Patch

You’ll need to prepare your jeans before you can apply a patch. First, trim around the hole, removing the strands of thread. Simply cut away the thread with scissors, making the edges as clean as possible. Then, inspect your work. If you notice a loose thread, use your scissors again instead of pulling it with your hands. Otherwise, you could make the hole much larger, so it’ll be harder to repair.

Trim the Patch

Once you prepare your jeans, it’ll be time to trim the patch. Your patch should be a quarter-inch larger than the hole on all sides. However, you might need it to be even larger if your jeans have damage and weak spots around the hole. Then, make it a half-inch larger than the damaged portion of the jeans. You can simply trim the excess fabric with scissors to get your patch the right size.

How to Apply a Patch of Scrap Denim and Fusible Tape

Patching jeans with scrap denim and fusible tape is a popular option. First, turn the jeans inside out. Then, line the area of the jeans with fusible tape before placing the patch on top. Press the patch tightly to the tape until you’re sure it’s secure.

How to Sew a Patch of Scrap Denim

If you prefer to sew the patch on, turn your jeans inside out first. Then, put the patch over the hole and sew it in place with neat, tight stitches. Keep in mind that the thread will show if you use this option. Thus, it’s a good idea if you’re going for a thrifty look. Otherwise, you’ll want to use one of the other choices. Remember, you can also look for organic, eco-friendly dry cleaners near me to handle it for you.

How to Iron on a Patch

You don’t need to turn your jeans inside out if ironing on a patch, although some people choose to do so. Once your jeans are ready, heat up the iron, and then place the patch over the hole. Then, apply even, consistent heat on the patch so it’ll adhere to the fabric. This is a basic idea of what you’ll need to do. However, you should also read the instructions to see if your iron-on patch requires additional steps.

Iron on patches is best for smaller holes. If it’s too big, you could have trouble getting the patch to stick. Thus, you’ll want to use another option or turn to a dry cleaning service to handle it for you.

Reason to Use the Best Organic Dry Cleaners Near Me for Jean Repair

Now, let’s look at some reasons to use a dry cleaner to fix your jeans. Then, you can decide which option to choose.

Get Professional Results

First, you will get professional results when you send your jeans to a dry cleaning company. The company can go over options based on your personal style. Then, you can choose something fun and funky or sleek and refined. Whether you want the patch to stand out or blend in, the local dry cleaner can handle it for you.

Get Jeans Patched and Cleaned at Environmentally Friendly Dry Cleaners Near Me

When you send your denim to the local dry cleaning company, you can knock out two tasks at once. First, of course, the company will patch your jeans, so they’ll look like new. Second, they can also clean your denim for you. In fact, some companies offer wash and fold and dry cleaning services, so you can have your jeans cleaned to your specifications.

If you want to mark yet another item off your to-do list, you can send the company all of your dirty garments. Just think about how nice it’ll be to have someone else patch your jeans and wash or dry clean your clothes for you.

Save Time By Using a Local Dry Cleaning Service

Does it seem like you never have enough time to get everything done? You can free up some precious time by sending your jeans to a dry cleaning company that offers free pickup and delivery. The valet will pick up your denim, drop it off at the facility, and bring it back to your home or office when it’s patched and clean. You’ll only have to spend a minute ordering the service and handing over the denim. That means you’ll have more free time than normal, so you can engage in some activities you enjoy.

Schedule Service With the Best Organic Dry Cleaners Near Me

Instead of trying to patch your jeans yourself, schedule a service with a local dry cleaner. You can handle everything online and even include special instructions about repairing your jeans. Then, you just need to hand over your garments and let the company get to work.


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