How to Store Leather Outerwear

Leather outerwear is warm and fashionable, making it ideal for cold winters. Plus, it’s durable when properly cared for, so you can wear it for years. If you want to make your leather coat last, you need to store it properly when you’re done with it for the season. Thus, check out the steps you need to take when storing your leather outerwear, including partnering with the “best organic dry cleaners near me.”

Send Your Outerwear to “Organic Eco-friendly Dry Cleaners Near Me”

Did you know that you need to clean your leather jacket once each season? You can handle spot cleaning as long as you use a leather cleaning product, but it’s wise to let the professionals conduct a complete cleaning at the end of the season. Then you’ll be ready to put your coat into storage.

Choosing the right cleaner is vital when dealing with leather. When searching for “environmentally friendly dry cleaners near me,” check for companies that can clean leather and suede in-house. At the same time, you want to go with a company that partners with professional leather and suede cleaners for more challenging jobs. Finally, make sure those cleaners use environmentally friendly products and techniques. Then you’ll know your leather outerwear will be in excellent hands, whether it’s at the dry cleaning facility or with a leather specialist.

Apply a Leather Cleaner or Let the “Best Organic Dry Cleaners Near Me” Handle It

Have you noticed that some people’s leather jackets stay soft from season to season, while others wear jackets with cracks in them? The people with soft and supple leather apply leather conditioner after cleaning.

First, ask the dry cleaning company to apply the conditioner for you. If the company doesn’t handle the task, you’ll need to do it before storing your jacket for the season.

Protect Your Leather Coat With Acid-free Paper

You want your coat to maintain its shape while in storage, and you can accomplish that by using acid-free paper. You’ll place the paper inside the jacket’s arms so it doesn’t flatten while in storage. Don’t make the mistake of using another kind of paper. Acidic paper can discolor the coat, meaning it won’t look its best next season.

Hang the Jacket If Possible

If you have enough closet space, you can hang your jacket to store it for the season. However, you need to choose the right hanger for the job.

Small plastic and wire hangers aren’t built to hold heavy leather outerwear. Because the hangers don’t provide proper support, you can end up with creases in your jacket when you take it out of storage.

If that happens, you’ll need to search for “organic eco-friendly dry cleaners near me” for help getting the outerwear back in tip-top shape. However, you can skip this step by using a sturdy, supportive hanger.

When choosing a hanger, there are two things to consider: material and width. When it comes to the material, you cannot beat wood hangers for storing leather outerwear. The sturdy material can easily support a heavy jacket.

Regarding the width, choose a wide hanger that will allow the coat to maintain its shape while in storage. Then you won’t have to worry about it developing creases.

Select the Right Closet

It’s also a good idea to consider the closet you’ll use when storing your leather jacket. While you can put the coat in your bedroom closet, it will get bumped around a lot when you remove and add other clothes. Plus, it will take up the valuable space you need for your spring and summer attire.

Instead, it’s a good idea to put it in a spare bedroom. The room you choose should be temperature-controlled. Also, the closet should have a door, so you can keep the sunlight at bay when storing your jacket.

Let the Outerwear Breathe

Your leather jacket needs to breathe while in storage. If it can’t, the humidity can build up over time and cause mold and mildew to grow on the leather. Then you can try to salvage it with help from “environmentally-friendly dry cleaners near me.” However, it might be a complete loss.

You need to take two steps to ensure your leather outerwear can breathe. First, place it inside of a cloth garment bag. Cloth material is breathable, so the air can move through the bag while holding your coat.

Second, give the leather coat ample space in the closet. Don’t wedge it tightly between other garments. Instead, leave space on either side to allow the air to flow. This will also prevent the jacket from flattening out while in storage.

Store the Jacket in a Container

If you don’t have enough closet space, you can store your leather jacket in a container. Do not use a plastic container for this since your jacket won’t be able to breathe once inside. Instead, use a suitcase or a wooden trunk for your jacket.

Then place the suitcase or trunk in a temperature-controlled space without direct sunlight. For example, you can slide it under your bed to get it out of the way and away from the sun.

Even if you use a breathable trunk, it’s still a good idea to open it from time to time to let the air inside. Consider doing this once a month. During that time, you can also check on the coat’s condition.

Keep the Moths Away

Whether you use the closet or a trunk from storage, you need to keep moths away from your coat. You can use heartwood or red cedar to keep moths out. Both are non-toxic, unlike mothballs.

Let the “Best Organic Dry Cleaners Near Me” Help

Cleaning is the first step to take when storing your leather outerwear. Thus, begin by scheduling an appointment with “organic eco-friendly dry cleaners near me.” Then you’ll need to grab your leather coat and hand it over to the valet.

Once the outerwear is clean, the valet will drop it back off at your home or office. Then you can follow the rest of the tips in this guide. First, decide if you will hang your jacket or put it in a trunk or suitcase. Then go through the rest of the steps to ensure your jacket stays in fantastic condition from season to season.


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