Just Married? 10 Reasons to Get Your Wedding Gown Dry Cleaned and Preserved

Your wedding is over, and now, you’re left wondering what you should do with your gown. While some brides toss their gowns in storage, that’s a mistake. Instead, you should consider wedding gown dry cleaning and preservation. Let’s go over the top 10 benefits of using a wedding gown preservation company. Then, find out how to schedule a service for dry cleaning and preservation.

1.      Wedding Gown Preservation Keeps the Dress in Pristine Condition

Your wedding gown might look as clean as could be when you take it off after the nuptials. However, it contains sweat, body oils, and deodorant residue. It might even have spills that aren’t visible to the naked eye. The stains might be invisible now, but they’ll appear over time, causing the gown to turn brown or yellow.

A wedding gown dry cleaning service will remove these invisible stains before preserving the gown. Then, you can keep your wedding dress as an heirloom without worrying about stains creeping into the fabric over the years.

2.      Preserve Your Gown’s Value

There might come a time when you decide to sell your wedding gown. Other people won’t pay top dollar if the gown is yellow, brown, or has other signs of wear. Fortunately, you can avoid this by sending it out for eco-friendly dry cleaning and preservation. When you get it back from the wedding gown preservation company, you can store it until you’re ready to sell it. Then, you can maximize the return since it’ll look like new.

3.      Pass It Down to a Loved One

Do you dream of your daughter or niece wearing your wedding gown when walking down the aisle? With wedding gown dry cleaning and preservation, it will remain in like-new condition over the years. Then, when your daughter or niece is ready to get married, she can wear your gown.

On the other hand, if you don’t dry clean and preserve the gown, it likely won’t look good enough for your loved one to wear. That means you’ll have to miss out on making an amazing memory with your daughter or niece.

4.      Prevent the Fabric From Stretching

Did you know that if you hang your wedding gown in the closet, the fabric can stretch? That will change the fit, so it won’t look nearly as nice when someone wears it. A wedding gown preservation company will store the gown in a way that preserves the fabric, so it won’t stretch. This is ideal if you want to pass it down to a loved one or put it on again to relive the memories of your special day.

5.      Get the Gown Cleaned By a Specialist

An experienced wedding gown dry cleaning company will provide a specialized service for your gown. The eco-friendly dry cleaning company will assess the fabric, details, and stitching before determining how to clean it. Then, the company will use gentle solvents that will remove stains and odors without harming the dress. This type of specialized cleaning will help your gown stand the test of time.

6.      Protect the Stitching

Without wedding gown preservation, your gown’s stitches are likely to deteriorate over the years. If that happens, the stitches will fray and could cause the embellishments to loosen or fall off entirely. During the wedding gown dry cleaning process, the cleaner will take special care to protect the stitching from deterioration. Then, you won’t have to worry about the stitches fraying, no longer how long you keep the gown.

7.      Avoid Creases

If you put your wedding gown in storage without preserving it first, you can expect to find deep creases when you take it back out. It’s hard to remove the creases when the gown isn’t properly preserved, so it might never look the same again. A wedding gown preservation company can reduce the likelihood of the gown developing creases. However, if the gown does develop a crease, it’ll be easier to remove if the gown is preserved.

8.      Get the Benefits of Eco-friendly Cleaning When Preserving Your Gown

When you use a wedding gown preservation service, you can benefit from eco-friendly dry cleaning. Eco-friendly dry cleaning is gentle on the delicate fabric while still removing stains. Also, eco-friendly dry cleaning doesn’t leave behind a chemical smell that can get stuck in your dress. On top of that, it’s better for the environment.

9.      Create a Plan With Wedding Gown Dry Cleaning and Preservation

When you use a wedding gown dry cleaning and preservation company, you’ll get to create a plan for your gown. You’ll consult with the dry cleaning and gown preservation company to determine what you expect out of the process. For instance, you can discuss alternations and how you want the gown to be stored. Having a plan for your wedding gown is much better than throwing it in the closet.

10. Wedding Gown Dry Cleaning and Preservation Is Easy

Are you hesitant about having your wedding gown dry cleaned and preserved because it sounds like a hassle? It’s really easy when you use an eco-friendly dry cleaning company that offers pickup and delivery. You’ll schedule a time for the valet to pick it up and take it to the dry cleaning facility. Once it’s cleaned and preserved, the valet will take it back to you.

Schedule Wedding Gown Dry Cleaning and Preservation Today

Don’t delay when scheduling wedding gown dry cleaning and preservation. You can schedule a service online, and then the valet will pick up your gown. Also, you’ll discuss your needs with the dry cleaning facility’s team, and they’ll clean and preserve your wedding gown. The entire process is much faster than you’d expect, so you’ll get your gown back quickly.

When you get it back, you can keep your gown in a vacuum-sealed container until someone is ready to wear it. It will be in excellent condition and look amazing going back down the aisle. Then, make sure the person dry cleans and preserves the gown once again. Then, it will become a prized family heirloom.





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