Leather & Suede Cleaning

leather-coat-200x300 In-house Leather and Suede Cleaning

Cleaning of leather and suede has always been problematic for most cleaners.  Why? Because 98% of them can’t do their own in-house cleaning.  This is just another way that Greener Cleaner is different.  We can probably clean 60-70% of the leather and suede items in-house, which means you know that your leather or suede item is being clean with environmentally friendly methods, AND we can typically get leather and suede items cleaned in house done in about 3 days, rather than waiting two weeks or longer like at other cleaners.

In-house Leather and Suede Repair and Alterations

To add to our wide array of in-house services, we also offer in-house leather and suede repair and alterations!  Very few cleaners offer this service in-house, and we have one of the best in Chicagoland, our Master Tailor, Art Tovoularis.

Not everything can be done in-house

Yes, there are certain items that we still can’t clean in house (area rugs and leather hand bags are two examples) but we’ll always let know know when your items will be sent out to a specialty leather cleaner to make sure you know that it will take a bit longer to return.