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Why Greener Cleaner?

What’s the difference between Greener Cleaner and the other guys?

The Greener Cleaner Difference. We are Truly Green. And we do our own work!

Item Rinse Dryv Pressed Garments The Greener Cleaner
Truly Green Cleaning
(NO Petrochemicals)

(Cleans w/ Petrochemicals)

(Cleans w/ Petrochemicals)

(Cleans w/ Petrochemicals)
Owns The Cleaning Plant
(No Outsourcing)

(Middleman only)

(Middleman only)

(Middleman only)
You Know Who’s Cleaning Your Garments
Convenient Smartphone App
20 Years Experience in Chicago
Consistent, high quality cleaning
Depends on who is cleaning your clothes

Depends on who is cleaning your clothes

Depends on who is cleaning your clothes


App Orders subject to $5.95 delivery fee and $25.00 minimum order.

Item Regular Price

Launder & Press Items

Wash and Fold $2.89/lb*
Shirt Laundered $4.69
Shirt Laundered – Boxed $5.69

Dry Cleaning

Shirt/Blouse $10.49
Pants/Skirt $11.09
Shorts $10.49
Blazer/Sport Coat $12.79
Dress $19.69↑
Scarf $10.49
Tie $9.29
Coat (Outerwear) $31.29↑


Pillow case $8.19
Sheets $21.99↑
Tablecloth $28.89↑
Comforter $42.79↑


An environmental surcharge of 2.5% applies to all orders. In our efforts to provide environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, we encounter unique challenges and incur additional costs that are not typical in standard cleaning services. The Environmental Surcharge is a nominal fee applied to our services to help cover these additional costs, ensuring that we can continue to offer high-quality, eco-friendly cleaning solutions without compromising our environmental values.

A variable fuel surcharge (currently 2.9%) will apply to all delivery and mail-order orders when average fuel prices exceed $2.50/gal in Cook County, IL.

Greener Cleaner automatically charges customers via credit card or debit card prior to each delivery.

* – 15 lb minimum. Large Bulky items (such as comforters) will not be billed at a per-pound rate and will be billed separately.

↑ – Denotes that the price listed is a base price. Prices will vary based upon size (comforters, sheets, etc.) item weight (heavy coat vs. lightweight coat), or item complexity (simple dress vs. evening gown).

Greener Cleaner Cleans Virtually Everything

  • Comforter & blanket cleaning
  • Wedding / Bridesmaid Gowns
  • Suede & leather cleaning
  • Table linens
  • Area rugs up to 9′ x 11′
  • Garment restoration for fire & water damage

Additional Charges Apply to Some Garments

  • Linen
  • Silk
  • Rayon
  • Knits
  • Velvet/velveteen
  • Wools (Including Cashmere and Angora)

Additional turnaround time may be required for some items. Prices are subject to change without notice.

We let Our Clients Speak for Us


I'd prefer to be home for pickups and deliveries. Can I schedule an appointment at a specific time?

Yes! Our On-Demand service is built for exactly this. You schedule the service windows around your own schedule. If your schedule changes last minute, just open up the app, and rescheduling can be done with the click of a button.

How often will my clothes be picked up? Do I have to use the service every week?

It’s up to you! Our “On Demand” service is truly “on demand”. You can schedule once a week, once a month, or just request a pickup whenever you need one – it’s the ultimate in flexibility.

I'm staying at a hotel, can you pickup and deliver to me?

Yes we can! However, hotel guests can now use our On Demand app-based system, and must be present for both pick-up and delivery, as hotels typically will not accept pick-ups and deliveries for guests (they want you to use their ridiculously expensive in-house services!)

Got more questions about how our services work?

Visit our FAQ page, or simply email us your questions at customersupport@greenercleaner.net!