Organic Dry Cleaning for Bedding: Learn the Benefits

Do you normally throw your bedding in the washing machine and dryer? Before putting in another load, go over the benefits of organic dry cleaning for bedding. Then, you’ll see that dry cleaning is the clear choice for comforters, blankets, and other bedding.

Avoid Toxins With Organic Dry Cleaning

You spend about a third of your life in bed. Because of that, you want your bedding to be free of toxins and dangerous chemicals. You can keep your bedroom toxin-free with an organic dry cleaning service. An eco-friendly dry cleaning company will freshen up your bedding with non-toxic solvents that remove stains and odors without putting your family at risk.

Once your bedding comes back, you won’t have to worry about being exposed to toxins when you snuggle up at night. That means you can rest (and breathe) easily.

Deep-clean Bedding With Eco-friendly Dry Cleaning

Did you know that your bedding is likely full of dirt, dust mites, and skin cells? You might see the dirt and grime, but the dust mites and skin cells stay hidden. They often dig deep into the fabric, gathering in places that your washing machine can’t reach. Organic dry cleaners use solvents that penetrate fabric and lift out stains and organic matter. That means your bedding will be much cleaner when handled by an organic dry cleaning company.
Dry cleaners are also better at removing dirt and grime on the surface.

It’s hard for the water and detergent to reach all areas when washing bulky bedding. You could end up with portions of the bedding that are as dirty after washing as they were before. Thus, dry cleaning is the right option if you want clean bedding.

Keep Your Bedding Looking (and Feeling) Like New

Have you ever taken bedding out of the wash, only to realize the colors have faded and little fuzzballs have formed on the fabric? If so, you were probably pretty unhappy with the results. Faded colors and fuzzballs make bedding look shabby. Plus, those fuzzballs are anything but soft and comfortable. Fortunately, you can easily avoid this with eco-friendly dry cleaning. Dry cleaning preserves colors. Because it’s gentle on fabric, you don’t have to worry about the fibers tangling and breaking, forming fuzzballs. If you want your bedding to last longer (and feel better), it makes sense to use a dry cleaning company.

Avoid Lumps

Your bedding twists and turns during a cycle in the washing machine. This causes it to bunch up, trapping moisture inside. The trapped moisture forms lumps throughout the bedding. Lumpy bedding isn’t comfortable, and it also might not keep you warm at night.
Organic dry cleaning doesn’t leave any moisture behind. Without the trapped moisture, you won’t have to worry about uncomfortable and unsightly lumps.

Get Rid of Stains With Eco-friendly Dry Cleaning

It’s easy to get stains on your bedding. Tossing the bedding in the washing machine might cause the stains to set in, so the fabric will look gross and dirty when it’s done. Your local dry cleaning delivery service has the solvents and skills needed to remove tough stains. When you send your bedding to a dry cleaner, you can expect it to come back free of stains, so it’ll look as good as it did when you purchased it.

Keep Your Washing Machine in Great Condition By Dry Cleaning Bedding

Your washing machine does a fantastic job of cleaning most of your clothes. However, it’s probably not large enough to tackle your bedding. If your washing machine is too small for comforters and other bedding, you could end up damaging it when washing a load. If you don’t want to end up with costly repairs, use an organic dry cleaning company instead. Then, you won’t have to fix your washing machine or upgrade to a commercial-grade machine that can handle massive loads.

Maintain the Right Fit With Organic Dry Cleaning

Shrinking is something else you have to worry about when machine-washing bedding. Your bedding can shrink a little bit each time you wash it. Eventually, it’ll shrink so much that it no longer fits the bed. Dry cleaners use solvents instead of water, so you don’t have to worry about your bedding shrinking. Then, it’ll be easier to cuddle up in your bed after a long day.

Enjoy a Stress-free Experience With Dry Cleaning

Using a dry cleaning delivery service is much easier than laundering your bedding yourself. Just consider what goes into properly washing a comforter. First, you need to spot treat the stains with a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. It probably won’t get out of all of the stains, but you’ll still need to try to remove some of them when machine washing.

Then, you have to make sure that your washing machine and dryer are large enough to handle the load. If they are, you need to use the proper setting and water temperature, or you’ll increase the risk of shrinking and tearing the bedding.

Once it’s finished washing, you need to throw some tennis balls in the dryer to fluff the bedding during the cycle. Also, you have to put the dryer on low heat, so it takes ages for everything to dry. When it comes to dry cleaning bedding, it’s clear that getting a dry cleaning delivery service is easier. You simply schedule the pickup online or via an app and then hand your bedding off to the pros.

Schedule an Organic Dry Cleaning Delivery Service

These benefits prove that organic dry cleaning is the clear choice when it comes to cleaning bedding. Your bedding will be fresh, free of toxins, and last longer when you use a dry cleaning company. Plus, your washing machine is less likely to break down when you don’t overfill it with bedding.

You can start the process by scheduling an eco-friendly dry cleaning service online. Choose from traditional and on-demand delivery services based on how fast you need the bedding back. Then, prepare your bedding and other garments for dry cleaning and give them to the valet during the pickup. Once your bedding is at the dry cleaner’s, you can go about your day without having to deal with doing laundry. It’s so easy that you’ll wonder why you haven’t been dry cleaning bedding all along.



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