Questions to Ask Your Wedding Dress Dry Cleaner Before Hiring Them

Given the importance of your wedding, most women decide to preserve their wedding dress. The first step to preservation is dry cleaning near me to ensure your dress is in good shape and remove any stains. But not every dry cleaner will provide the same quality of service. Before choosing which dry cleaning services to use for your wedding gown, ask the following questions.

How Often Do You Clean Wedding Dresses?

Just because a company offers wedding dress dry cleaning, that doesn’t mean that they actually perform the service regularly. Some dry cleaners will simply list all of the items they could possibly dry clean. While they will still have general dry cleaning experience, you want experience with dry cleaning wedding dresses.

That is because wedding dresses have a few unique considerations. To start, they are truly special items that are not easily replaced. On top of that, they tend to have a lot of detail and may have tricky materials or fabrics. Simply put, by choosing somewhere that specializes in wedding gown dry cleaning, you increase the chances that your dress will remain in good condition.

Do You Have a Portfolio? Or Can I Talk to Recent Customers?

Take this question to the next level and ask about proof of the quality of the company’s work. This will let you confirm that they have cleaned wedding dresses that are similar to yours in terms of materials and intricate details. Or if you have tough stains, this will give you confidence that the dry cleaning services will successfully remove them.

Will Your Company Clean My Dress? Or Do You Outsource the Cleaning?

One of the first things to do is to confirm that the dry cleaning company in question is the one to wash your dress. Always look for a dry cleaning service that cleans your dress in-house. To start, this means you aren’t paying a premium, as your local dry cleaner would serve as a middleman and charge more.

But confirming that the dress will be cleaned locally also lets you control the quality of the service. If they send the dress off, then you need to ask all of the questions on this list about the company that will actually dry clean it.

Is the Dress Cleaned Separately?

Every dry cleaner has a slightly different procedure for cleaning wedding dresses. Ideally, your wedding dress will be cleaned separately. This prevents colors from other clothes from potentially running on it.

How Will You Remove Stains?

It’s a fact of life that many wedding dresses end up with at least one stain on them. After all, celebrating all day in a white dress is a recipe for at least a small stain. The best laundry and dry cleaning companies will remove stains before dry cleaning. This increases the chances that the stains are fully removed.

Will You Press the Dress?

Most dry cleaning services include pressing the clothes in their cleaning. This is good for keeping your dress looking its best. But if your chosen dry cleaner presses your dress, ensure that they take the appropriate precautions. Because wedding dresses are frequently made of delicate material, you typically need to press them between other items. If your dry cleaner presses wedding dresses after cleaning but doesn’t put a barrier between them and the iron, this is a warning sign.

What Does It Cost? Is This Fixed?

You just spent a lot of money on your wedding, so it’s smart to be clear on what you will have to pay for pick up dry cleaning for your wedding dress. Some dry cleaners charge a flat rate for all wedding dresses regardless of materials or types of stains. Others adapt the price based on your dress.

One type of pricing is not necessarily better than the other. The key here is that you need to know what to expect to pay and what could make the price increase.

What Cleaning Products Do You Use?

Traditional dry cleaning pick up service uses harsh chemicals. While these clean your clothing effectively, they can also be damaging. This is bad enough for everyday dress shirts, but with something as special as your wedding dress, it is something to avoid.

So, you want to make sure to choose an eco-friendly dry cleaning service. Organic dry cleaning will be gentler on your wedding dress. It will also reduce the negative effects on the planet.

Do You Also Preserve the Dress?

Some women decide to just have their wedding dresses cleaned. This is a good option if you want to sell it or give it to someone. But many women decide to preserve their dress. If that’s your goal, then you should look for a dry cleaner that will also preserve the dress for you. This eliminates the need to find a separate wedding gown preservation company. That way, you don’t have to bring your dress to various companies or even pay multiple businesses to care for it.

How Do You Preserve the Dress?

If your chosen dry cleaner does also provide wedding gown preservation, ask about the process. Confirm that they use acid-free paper to store your dress, as this prevents yellowing.

Do You Follow Industry Advancements?

The best standards in wedding dress cleaning and even wedding dress designs change from year to year. The best dry cleaners will stay up-to-date with dress trends and industry standards, so they can always offer the highest quality care for your dress. A perfect example of this is how harsh chemicals used to be the industry standard for dry cleaning, but the best companies are switching to organic ones.

Schedule Reliable Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning

With the above questions in mind, you should be on your way to finding a reliable dry cleaning pickup service to take care of your wedding dress. You will also have clear expectations in terms of prices and results.



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