Reasons to Choose Eco-friendly Dry Cleaning Services


You need to get some garments dry cleaned, and you’re not sure which type of dry cleaner to choose. You can go the traditional route or use eco-friendly dry cleaning services. Go over some benefits of organic dry cleaning to see why this is the right choice.

Eco-friendly Dry Cleaning Services Keep You Safe

Traditional dry cleaners use perc and other harsh chemicals. The chemicals stay on your clothing and also vaporize into the air. Since perc is linked to various health conditions, including cancer, you don’t want it on your clothing or in the air you breathe. Organic dry cleaning only uses environmentally friendly liquids to clean your clothing, so you don’t have to worry about health hazards when you clean your clothing.

It’s Safe for the Earth

You also care about the environment, which is another reason to use eco-friendly dry cleaning services. Traditional dry cleaning releases toxins into the air. They can also get into the soil and the water, damaging plants, animals, people, and possibly the ozone layer. You can rest assured that you aren’t damaging the environment with organic dry cleaning. That means you’re doing your part to take care of the earth when you send your dry cleaning to an organic dry cleaner.

It Conserves Water

Unlike laundry, dry cleaning doesn’t use water. When you combine the lack of water with organic chemicals, it’s clear that you are benefiting the environment when you use eco-friendly dry cleaning services. Every little bit helps, so this is an excellent way for you to pitch in and help the planet.

Organic Dry Cleaning Is Effective

You want to help the environment, but you also want to clean your clothing. You can do both when you choose eco-friendly dry cleaning services. Organic dry cleaning solvents penetrate clothing to remove dirt, oils, and stains. You’ll discover that these solvents actually do a better job than perc and the other harsh chemicals that traditional dry cleaners use. That means your clothing will look even better when you use an organic dry cleaner.

Eco-friendly Dry Cleaning Services Are Easy to Use

You might be surprised to learn that organic dry cleaning is also very easy to use. You can use an eco-friendly dry cleaning pickup and drop-off service to handle your clothing. The service will pick up your clothing, clean the garments, and then drop off everything at your home. That’s an easy way to get dry cleaning done. If your time is limited, you can’t beat this.

Organic Dry Cleaning Liquids Are Odorless

Have you ever gotten your clothing back from the dry cleaners, only to smell the harsh chemicals? That’s enough to turn your stomach and cause you to hide the clothes away, hoping the smell eventually wears off, so you could wear the items. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that when you select organic dry cleaning. The solvents are odorless and colorless, so you can wear your garments as soon as you get them back from the company. They are also powerful enough to get out smells that might have been on the garments when you sent them to the dry cleaner. That means they will be fresh and ready when they’re returned to you.

It Costs The Same Or Less

Did you know that eco-friendly dry cleaning services usually cost the same or are sometimes more affordable than traditional dry cleaning? That’s because of the cost of the chemicals. Because governments are trying to eliminate Perc, they have started to tax it heavily. Due to these additional costs, the cost to dry clean with Perc and other conventional dry cleaning solvents has risen quite a bit, so traditional dry cleaners now need to charge their customers more. Eco-friendly dry cleaning products are safer and healthier, but they used to be more expensive to use. Not anymore. Organic dry cleaners pass on the savings to their customers, so you can get your clothing dry cleaned sustainably for less.

Organic Dry Cleaners Care About the Environment

Eco-friendly dry cleaners don’t just use organic products to clean your clothing. They care about the environment and often incorporate other strategies to protect and preserve the planet. When you spend your money on organic dry cleaning, you know that the company is doing its best to take care of the environment in every way possible.

Keeps Your Clothing in Excellent Condition

You want what’s best for your clothing, which is another reason you should choose an organic dry cleaner. Perc can damage clothing over time, so the more trips you make to a traditional dry cleaner, the harder it is on your clothing.

Organic solvents are gentle and safe for clothing. You can dry clean your clothes with these solvents over and over without any damage. In fact, organic dry cleaning can increase the longevity of your clothing. If you have favorite items that you want to last, eco-friendly dry cleaning is a must.

It Teaches Your Kids the Importance of the Planet

If you have kids, you know they look to you to find out how to live their lives. You want to set a good example, and you can do just that with an eco-friendly dry cleaner. Your kids will see that you’re dedicated to the environment, and they will follow in your footsteps. If you are serious about reversing the damage of global warming, you know your kids will have to do their part as well, so this is critical. When everyone pitches in, the planet can finally get in better shape.

These are just some of the reasons to choose eco-friendly dry cleaning services. This is a way to enjoy guilt-free dry cleaning while getting your garments clean. It’s safe and effective, making it a good choice for everyone.

You can even use an eco-friendly dry cleaning pickup and drop-off service to make the process easier. Then, the dry cleaners will work on your dry cleaning while you go about your day. You can schedule the delivery, and the company will drop it off to you at a time that works for you. Schedule your service, so you can enjoy these benefits and more.


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