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Chicago, IL

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Eco-friendly Dry Cleaning

Great News!

The Greener Cleaner now services One South Dearborn!
That means we’ve got a special way we handle your pick-ups and deliveries.

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Item Regular Price Partnership Price

Launder & Press Items

Wash and Fold $2.49/lb* $2.12/lb*
Shirt Laundered $3.99$3.39
Shirt Laundered – Boxed $4.79$4.07

Dry Cleaning

Shirt/Blouse $8.99 $7.64
Pants/Skirt $9.49$8.07
Shorts $8.99$7.64
Blazer/Sport Coat $10.99$9.34
Dress $16.95$14.41
Scarf $8.99$7.64
Tie $7.99$6.79
Coat (Outerwear) $26.99$22.94


Pillow case $6.99$5.94
Sheets $18.99$16.14
Tablecloth $24.99↑$21.24↑
Comforter $36.99$31.44


An environmental surcharge of 3% applies to all orders.

A variable fuel surcharge will apply to all delivery and mail-order orders when average fuel prices exceed $2.50/gal in Cook County, IL.

Greener Cleaner automatically charges customers via credit card or debit card prior to each delivery.

*15 lb minimum. Large Bulky items (such as comforters) will not be billed at a per-pound rate and will be billed separately.

Greener Cleaner Cleans Virtually Everything

  • Comforter & blanket cleaning
  • Wedding / Bridesmaid Gowns
  • Suede & leather cleaning
  • Table linens
  • Area rugs up to 9′ x 11′
  • Garment restoration for fire & water damage

Additional Charges Apply to Some Garments

  • Linen
  • Silk
  • Rayon
  • Knits
  • Velvet/velveteen
  • Wools (Including Cashmere and Angora)

Additional turnaround time may be required for some items. Prices are subject to change without notice.