The Importance of Professional Organic Dry Cleaning Practices

Dry cleaning business comes with quintessential value to the society. People are looking for means to make their lives easier, and having someone to handle their dry cleaning needs is a huge relief. However, it is interesting to point out that when you dry clean your clothes the organic way, you are doing the environment a big favor.

Organic dry cleaning is an alternative to conventional dry cleaning. And it is correct to say that eco-friendly dry cleaning offers no harm to the environment because of the products and practices employed.

In this piece, we will look at the importance of implementing professional organic dry cleaning practices.

  1. Your Clothes Are Just As Clean (Or Cleaner!)

It is important to note that the basic principles organic dry cleaning are the same as traditional dry cleaning. Clothes are cleaned in a dry cleaning machine while being submerged in a liquid solvent. The only difference is the nature of the solvent that is used.  In traditional dry cleaning, a harsh petrochemical is used.  In organic dry cleaning a non-harmful agent is used to remove stains.  These alternative solvents have been widely tested and now used for decades and the results are clear: organic dry cleaning works just as well as traditional cleaning, and most times, better.

When it comes to organic dry cleaning practices, the science around it continues to evolve. For instance, some products that were safe for use in organic dry cleaning a few years back are currently out of use. This is a pointer to the fact that organic dry cleaning practices are becoming safer and more efficient over the years.

In contrast, PERC and other petrochemicals are not changing and improving.  The only thing that is changing is that more and more Cities, States, and Municipalities are banning these cleaning agents because of the pollution they cause.

Conclusions: Don’t be reluctant to try out organic dry cleaning because it gets the job done as well or better than harsh chemical cleaning.

  1. You are saving the Earth

Who would have thought that giving dry cleaners your clothes would be instrumental to saving the Earth? Each time you reach out to an organic dry cleaner to get your clothes done, you are contributing your quota to saving the Earth. Opting for professional organic dry cleaning helps you avoid some chemicals that are indeed organic but not safe for the environment.

One of these chemicals is DF-2000. Before, people tipped DF-2000 to be a better alternative than PERC since it was organic. However, it was discovered that DF-2000 was not as safe as purported because, during its production, some greenhouse gases are released into the environment, which is not safe.

More so, do you know that in most traditional dry cleaning services, toxins are released into the air? This toxin can affect plants, animals, humans, and the ozone layer. When you give a professional organic dry cleaner your clothes, you can be assured that you are playing a key role in taking care of the Earth.

  1. It is easy to use

Using a professional organic dry cleaner is just as simple as a traditional cleaner. You will be surprised to find out that you can easily use organic dry cleaning the way you’ve been using the traditional model of dry cleaning.

Also, there are several professional organic and environmentally friendly dry cleaning services that offer pickup and drop-off. So, you can have them come to your location, pick up your clothes, and deliver on a stipulated date. If you are working on a limited time, you can equally rely on a professional organic dry cleaning service to help you get your cleaning done without hassles.

  1. Your clothes smell nice

Have you experienced a situation when you get your clothes from a dry cleaner, and you don’t like the smell that ensues because they are probably harsh chemicals? There are a number of times that this happens, and the dry cleaners are blamed because they did not use the right cleaning chemicals to handle your clothes.

To avoid getting irritated when you perceive the smell of your clothes after dry cleaning, it is important to opt for organic dry cleaning because they don’t use harsh chemicals.

Getting your clothes cleaned with a professional organic dry cleaning service is great because the solvents used are colorless and odorless. This implies that if you get your clothes from the laundry service, you can wear them immediately because they will smell fresh and ready to use.

  1. It costs the same as traditional dry cleaning and sometimes less

There is a widespread myth that organic dry cleaning is more expensive than traditional dry cleaning. This is not true. You will be glad to hear that with eco-friendly dry cleaning services, you will not break the bank when you want to clean your clothes.

One of the reasons why traditional dry cleaning is becoming more expensive is because of the chemicals used. Some of these chemicals have been taxed because there are plans in place to eliminate them. You will discover that chemicals like Perc and the likes are more expensive, and traditional dry cleaners have to increase their fees.

On the other hand, using eco-friendly dry cleaning products is healthier, safer, and less expensive. Hence, you can get your clothes dry cleaned at a very affordable rate, making it a win-win for both you and the organic dry cleaner.


The truth is, there is no best time to start adopting organic dry cleaning practices when it comes to cleaning your clothes. Taking the organic dry cleaning route is an efficient way to save the environment and improving the quality of your cleaning services.

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