Tips for Protecting Dry Clean Only Garments

Do you get a little nervous when you see a “dry clean only” tag on your clothes? You know you need to take steps to protect these garments but might not be sure what that entails. Fortunately, it’s a lot easier than you might think, especially when using an eco-friendly dry cleaning service. Find out what you can do at home and when you need help from an organic dry cleaner.

Use an Organic Dry Cleaning Pick-up Service

If you’re committed to protecting your garments, use an organic dry cleaning pick-up service when it’s time to clean your clothes. Keep in mind that you don’t have to dry clean your garments after each wear, though. Instead, the number of times you can wear your garments depends on the item.

For instance, you can wear dresses and sweaters a couple of times before sending them to a dry cleaner. You can wait even longer if you dry cleaning skirts and pants. In most cases, you can wear these garments five times before sending them to a dry cleaning delivery service.

These are just some examples of how long you can go between cleaning. First, speak to your local organic dry cleaner to find out a schedule for your clothing. Then follow it to the letter to protect your garments.

Remove Plastic Garment Bags and Wire Hangers

While it’s perfectly fine to keep clothes in plastic while going from the dry cleaning company to your home, leaving them inside the bags for too long can be harmful. Plastic can trap moisture inside, leading to mold, which can ruin your clothes. Plus, plastic can break down over time, damaging your garments in the process. If you want to take care of your dry clean only clothing, taking the garments out of the plastic is a must.

When you take the garment out of the bag, don’t leave it on the wire hanger. These hangers aren’t very strong, so you won’t get the support you need. Due to the lack of support, your clothes might become misshapen over time. Thus, swap them out for stronger hangers. Wood is an excellent option, but you can even go with strong plastic if you want to save money.

Take Off Your Garments as Soon as Possible

Since you don’t dry clean garments after each wear, it’s important to change clothes when you get home at the end of the day. This simple tip will help you reduce the risk of staining your clothes. Plus, you’ll transfer fewer body oils to the garments by taking them off when you’re home.

Don’t just take your garments off and toss them in the closet, though. Hang them up to prevent creases and wrinkles from developing between wears. Then your clothes will be ready the next time you need to wear them to work, dinner, or an event.

Remove Pet Hair

If you live with pets, you can end up with a lot of hair on your clothes. While this won’t ruin your garments, you won’t want to wear pieces covered in hair. Fortunately, you can use a lint roller to remove pet hair each time you take off your clothes. Additionally, consider doing this before sending them to an organic dry cleaner. This will save the cleaning company time, meaning you can get your clothes back even faster.

Let the Dry Cleaning Company Handle Stains

Sometimes, it’s hard to get through the day without ending up with a stain or two on a dry clean only garment. Maybe your boss decided to take everyone out to lunch, and you ended up with a sleeve full of ketchup, or you stuck a pen in your pocket right before it exploded. No matter what the cause, you have a mess on your hands.

Your first reaction might be to try to fight the stain yourself, but that would be a mistake. You can cause the stain to set in or bleed onto other areas. Plus, these garments can be delicate, so you could tear the fabric, forcing you to toss your favorite piece of clothing.

Instead of going that route, send your stained garments to the dry cleaner. First, though, mark the stains with pins or masking tape so the dry cleaner will be sure to see them. Also, include information about the stain if you can. By telling what caused the stain, the dry cleaner can start with the right stain-fighting tools. Still, your dry cleaner can remove the stains if you don’t know what caused them. It’ll take a bit longer, but you can still get a stain-free garment back.

Let the Dry Cleaning Delivery Company Know About Repairs and Alterations

Did you know your dry cleaner can also repair and alter garments for you? From broken zippers to missing buttons and long hems, the company can handle most repairs and alterations for you. Use tape or pins to mark damaged areas, so the dry cleaner will know you want repairs. Then your clothes will look new when you get them back.

Dry Clean Your Clothes Before Storing Them

You likely put clothing into storage when the seasons change. If that includes dry clean only garments, send them out for cleaning before putting them in storage. Otherwise, body oils can discolor the clothing while they’re in storage, so you could end up having to throw garments away after unboxing them next season. You can avoid this problem with proper cleaning.

Dry Cleaning Delivery Near Me: Schedule Service Today

Partnering with a local organic dry cleaning company is the key to protecting your garments. Begin the process by signing up for service online today. Once you schedule the pick-up service, a valet will come to grab your dry-clean-only clothing. Then the valet will rush it to the facility for cleaning. Once you get it back, you can hang up your garments or put them into storage.