How Often Do You Need to Wash Sweaters And Signs They Need to Be Cleaned

There are some items of clothing that most people agree should be washed after every single wear. This includes socks, underwear, and anything that gets extremely sweaty, such as workout clothes.

But there isn’t as much agreement on how frequently to wash or get dry cleaning for other types of clothing. Sweaters are one of the most common items that people wash less frequently. But how often do you really need to wash them?

Why Most Sweaters Don’t Require Washing After a Single Wear

Most people agree that you don’t have to wash the majority of sweaters after one use. In most cases, sweaters don’t directly touch your skin, so there’s no need to search for “wash and fold near me” for a sweater you’ve worn once.

That extra layer of material you usually wear under a sweater, like a shirt, protects the sweater from dirt, oil, and sweat. As a result, your sweater remains relatively clean after a single use.

However, even if the sweater isn’t directly touching your skin, it still needs to be washed. After all, it’s still exposed to the elements, including dust and dirt. You will also need to wash sweaters that you’ve used more than once. Doing so ensures that your sweaters retain the color and quality of their fabric.

If you stay active as you’re out and about, dirt, oil, and sweat will also seep through to your sweater. Plus, consider that you produce an average of 40 grams of oil, 10 grams of skin flakes, and a liter of sweat every day.

When to Get Dry Cleaning or Wash and Fold Services for Sweaters

The tips below can also help you figure out when to schedule wash and fold services or drop off laundry services for these pieces of clothing.

Wash Thick Sweaters After Three to Five Wears

When talking about how frequently to wash sweaters, it’s important to keep in mind that not all sweaters will have the same guidelines. The thickness of the sweater will be a major consideration, but the material and what you do while wearing it will also affect the required frequency.

Thicker sweaters are more likely to be layered. They also take a little longer to get dirty. So, you can typically wait about two to five wears before searching for “dry cleaning near me” for these thick sweaters.

Wash Thin Sweaters After Each Wear

Thick sweaters can handle a few wears between washing, but you want to wash thin sweaters every time you wear them. So, when it comes to washing, you want to categorize thin sweaters like you would any other shirt that needs regular washing.

When to Wash the Sweater Sooner

Of course, the general guideline of washing a thick sweater every two to five wears is just a guideline. You should use your best judgment to decide when to include it in your wash and fold service sooner.

You Spill Something On It

If you spill something on your sweater, then the sweater needs to be washed as soon as possible. Having your local laundry service clean the sweater before the stain sets makes it much easier to remove. Stains that have set can be challenging to remove, even for the most experienced laundry drop off service.

You Sweat a Lot

Another situation when you need to schedule dry cleaning services for your sweater sooner is if you sweat a lot. If you go for a fast walk or do something else strenuous, then you are likely to sweat more than normal. The problem is that the more you sweat, the more likely it is that the sweat seeps through your shirt and reaches your sweater.

You Touched Something Dirty or With a Strong Odor

Depending on what you did while wearing the sweater, you may also need to wash it sooner. For example, if you wore the sweater by a campfire, it is likely covered in ash and smells like smoke as well.

You Didn’t Wear a Shirt Under It

All of the above recommendations for washing your sweater assume that it is just one layer of clothing. In the winter months, you may just wear a sweater as a normal shirt. If the sweater is directly touching your skin, include it in your pick up dry cleaning as soon as you would any other shirt, meaning the next load.

Consider Your Sweater’s Appearance and Smell

Your local wash and fold laundry will typically recommend you wash a thick sweater every two to five wears. But how do you decide whether to wash it after three, four, or five uses? Or how do you decide you should wash it even sooner?

It comes down to its smell and appearance. If your sweater has started to smell, then it definitely needs to be washed. And if it has a stain, it needs to be laundered as well.

But remember that you want to schedule organic dry cleaning for your sweater before it develops an odor. Waiting until it starts to smell is too late. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to how many times you wore the sweater and what you did while wearing it.

Bonus: How to Wash Your Sweater

As with any other item of clothing, every sweater will have slightly different washing instructions depending on its material. The best way to tell how to clean your sweater is to read the tag.

If it suggests dry cleaning, then schedule dry cleaning services with your local laundry company. If it says you should handwash it, either wash the sweater by hand or have your drop off laundry service do so. If the tag says the sweater is machine-washable, throw it in the washer. Just remember to pay attention to drying instructions as well.

Have Professional Cleaners Wash Your Sweaters

When it’s time to wash your sweater, drop it off at your local laundry and dry cleaning or schedule a pickup. A commercial laundry service can help you save time and effort while maintaining your clothes’ quality.



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