The Skinny on Wedding Dress Cleaning And Preservation

You spent months shopping, looking online, going to boutiques, getting your friends’ and family’s opinion, sizing and tailoring, all to look your best on the best day of your life. Now what? Your wedding dress is probably the most expensive garment you’ll ever own, and without a doubt the most beautiful. But without proper care, it will fade before your very eyes.

Cleaning chicago wedding dress cleaning

You already know the first thing to do once you take your dress off… But seriously, the second thing to do is get it cleaned. There are a variety of choices, from dry cleaning to wet cleaning, but the best option for you will depend largely on the material of your dress. Look up experts on wedding dress cleaning and preservation to get a professional opinion. A good cleaning will get out stains that might not even be visible (like sugar) until it’s too late (oxidation). Getting this done ASAP will greatly extend the lifespan of your wedding dress.


Why Preservation Is So Important?

Wedding dresses are delicate garments made of a variety of very different, yet equally fragile materials. Everything from heat to light to oxygen to moisture can easily cause irreparable harm to your wedding dress over the years if it is not stored properly. Wedding dress preservation will:chicgo wedding dress preservation

  • Prevent Yellowing
  • Permanent Creasing Risks
  • Mildew and Mold Risks
  • Prevent Oxidation spots
  • Light and Dust Protection

Wedding Dress Preservation Methods

Wedding dress preservation can be broken down to three main methods: boxing, bagging, and sealing. Most wedding dresses are kept in acid-free boxes which help prevent light damage, regulate humidity, and keep oxygen from seeping in. Many also have a window through which you can look at the dress without taking it out. Some people go a step further and actually seal the box. Although this helps prevent against oxygen damage, it can also increase the risk of mildew since sealing wont allow the dress to breath. You also can’t remove the dress without breaking the seal. Bagging is a more modern technology that still protects and against dust, light, humidity, and oxygen, but allows you to preserve the dress without folding it. Keeping creases out will undoubtedly aid in the preservation of your wedding dress.

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