Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Some brides keep their wedding dresses as heirlooms, while others keep theirs as mementos. Whichever the reason, you should preserve yours to maintain its vibrancy for the next decades. You do not want to have a stained or ugly gown due to poor cleaning and storage.

No matter how long you choose to keep your dress after the wedding, it should maintain that majestic look of a princess. Some gowns are made from delicate fabrics that need specialized cleaning services from a reliable dry cleaner. Others are made from vintage materials that cannot be cleaned using this method. Dry cleaning is the most efficient way of cleaning wedding gowns. Let’s look at some tips and tricks when cleaning them.

Consult the Salesperson

When shopping for your wedding dress, ask the salesperson as many questions about the gown as possible. Besides learning about how you will wear the garment, you should not forget to ask about wedding gown preservation. It is unlikely that you’d throw away your gown after the wedding after all.

The salesperson can take you through the fabric manufacturer’s advice on cleaning the gown. You can also get advice about the embellishments used on the wedding dress since some of them dissolve when exposed to dry cleaning solvents.

If your wedding gown is an heirloom, ask about the special instructions for cleaning the dress. You do not want to be the first person to ruin this precious possession.

Clean the Gown As Soon As Possible

Some brides make the mistake of keeping their gowns for long periods before thinking about cleaning them. It is wrong to do so since some stains become permanent when left for long periods.

You might think that dry cleaning can help remove the most stubborn stains. But, some can never be removed when they become permanent.

Find a Professional

After the big day, you do not want to incur more expenditures. Most people feel financially drained and try cutting as many unnecessary expenses as they can to spring back to their financial status before the wedding.

Local laundry service or DIY cleaning seems ideal. However, most of these service providers lack proper equipment and chemicals for cleaning wedding dresses.

Consider finding a professional gown preservation company to work on your gown. These companies know the right chemicals to use on different fabrics. They also have the right equipment to ensure they deliver the wedding dresses without damaging the original shape.

Laundry professionals also help preserve the dress for the next generation, whether it is an heirloom or a memento. They use special packages that protect your gown from stretching, yellowing, staining, mildew growth, or dust accumulation.

Let the Dry Cleaner Know About the Stains

Sometimes, the dry cleaner may miss some stains, especially those located in uncommon areas. Of course, you will know where most stains in your gown are since they often make your wedding more memorable. If possible, tell the dry cleaner the causes of the stain, e.g., sweets, wine, etc.

If the salesperson had pointed out that the trim or other embellishments can fade or dissolve in dry cleaning solvents, provide this information to your service provider. It ensures they deliver quality service to you.

Look for Service Guarantee

Some wedding dress dry cleaning companies quickly ignore the invisible dirt, especially when they want to clean more gowns. The fabrics used in making wedding gowns can conceal mild stains to ensure the dress remains as beautiful as possible throughout the big day.

When not properly cleaned, these stains start showing after some time, leaving yellow blemishes. A professional service provider uses eco-friendly dry cleaning and gentle solvents for cleaning and curing your gown.

Before leaving your gown with your preferred service provider, ask if they extend a service guarantee. A reliable wedding dress dry cleaning services company provides you with a quality guarantee.

Because wedding gown preservation requires special techniques, a professional employs complex skills to ensure they have cleaned and cured it thoroughly. Serious inspection is done to identify details that may compromise the quality of cleaning.

Such service providers give you a long-term service guarantee against yellowing or staining of your dress after receiving services from them. Often, the guarantee can be for up to 100 years, while others extend a lifetime coverage. If your provider is hesitant about offering you this guarantee, they must lack confidence in their dry cleaning techniques.

Inspect the Wedding Dress

An heirloom or memento should be given utmost care. When we get our garments from dry cleaning service providers, we assume we have the correct delivery. Sometimes, a laundry drop off service can have some mix-up and deliver the gowns to the wrong address.

To ensure you have the right wedding dress, make sure to inspect what was delivered to confirm you have the right one. The inspection also helps determine whether the wedding dress dry cleaning service provider has fulfilled what they promised. Check if all the embellishments you left on the gown are there.

Who Will Clean Your Gown?

Some local laundry service providers act as intermediaries for established companies. They collect the gowns and forward them to these companies.

When looking for a laundry and dry cleaning service provider for your dress, check whether they are the immediate company that will be working on the dress. Otherwise, you may want to contact the actual provider directly to cut the intermediary costs.

Is your wedding dress made from a delicate fabric that does not allow you to give it a personal laundry service? Consider taking it to a professional wedding gown dry cleaning and preservation company. You will receive outstanding cleaning services and care for your precious garment. These tips can help you demand quality services from your provider.