Why Use A Dry Cleaner

Why use Professional Dry Cleaning Services?

We already discussed How and When Take Garments to Cleaners that covered which textiles or garments should and should not be sent to a professional cleaner. On this page we will discuss some of the reasons why, and under which circumstances such cleaning is necessary. After all, the reason certain items are labeled “Dry Clean Only” is because they are more delicate, or feature textiles that can be damaged by water, heat, and evaporation. So in the case of garments such as these, which are typically more expensive, unnecessary agitation and treatment can be unwise. Even relatively gentle treatments like hand washing and dry cleaning can induce undue wear and tear over time. 

For many delicate garments, simply using a lint roller or brushing it down and hanging it in a well-ventilated, cool area will help to eliminate odors. Levi’s even recommends freezing their denim and other raw textiles as a low-water alternative to washing that also eliminates bacterial grime and odors. For stains, immediate spot-cleaning is can be cheapest and most efficient option, while also preserving the lifespan of your clothing.

Of course there are occasions when these causal methods will not suffice. Red wine stains on delicate fabrics such as silk should be taken to a professional cleaner immediately. Attempting to spot clean with water on dry-clean only garments like ties will only ruin them further, and home remedies like salt and club soda can have just as negative an effect on other temperamental items. The takeaway here is that it is important to use your judgment: in the long run, sending a suit to a cleaner every week can have a negative effect, but it wont be as bad as botching a stain removal yourself.

It is also crucial to select an appropriate, high quality cleaning service for your delicates. At Greener Cleaner, we use the naturally light and inert liquid silicone for our Wet Cleaning, which helps preserve clothing better than traditional dry cleaning methods. In addition to eliminating many of the environmental and health impacts of the traditional dry cleaning chemical, Perchloroethylene (PERC), liquid silicone has less surface tension and is less reactive, reducing the friction and agitation that cleaning can inflict on your delicates.

Read more about our Wet Dry Cleaning methods here: https://greenercleaner.net/our-services/


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