What Items Can You Send via Your Mail Order Laundry Service?

If you have recently started working with a mail order laundry service, there are a few things you need to know. Many people ask what can be sent for professional cleaning through the mail.

Before you start sorting your clothes, though, make sure you have read through all the policies of the company you are working with. This will help you get a better understanding of how many clothes you can send in a package and any item restrictions they may have. Each wash and fold laundry will have its own unique rules.

That being said, the following is generally true for this type of laundry or dry-cleaning service.

Weight Limits

You need to check the weight restrictions for the local laundry service you use or the postal service. Each package needs to meet the weight specifications in addition to the items inside meeting the material restrictions.

Items to Send

Regardless of how specific your laundry service is with what items they take, here are a few that are on almost everyone’s list for wash and fold laundry service.


You can keep up with your laundry easier when you have a service taking care of all the bedding at home. You can mail these items out to your laundry delivery service and have them returned to your doorstep ready to use.

Whether it is a down comforter, silk sheets, or something in between, any respectable laundry and dry-cleaning service will be able to give them the cleaning they deserve.


It can be difficult to get the musty odor out of towels. Therefore, many people opt to send these to their mail order commercial laundry service. Many good services have the ability to add certain cleaning agents that will make the towels clean and fresh for your next use.

Daily Clothing

Whether it is because the item has a stain that needs to be removed or you just don’t have the time to get it in the wash, sending your daily attire to a mail order laundry service is the perfect way to free up your time. Daily clothing are garments most commonly sent through the mail for pick up dry cleaning and laundry.


Many people like to use mail order laundry services for their suits to help make sure they have a clean one for every big meeting. These items can easily be sent to a mail-order dry-cleaning service to ensure thorough cleaning and stain removal.


Many people choose to use mail order laundry services to help give the rugs in their home a spring cleaning. If they meet the weight and packaging requirements, these are excellent items to send through the mail. It helps you do a bit less work by not having to deal with transporting the rugs yourself.

Fine Fabric with Specific Instructions

If you have a blanket, coat, or dress that has specific instructions on how best to get it clean for its next wear, you should send these to your drop off laundry service. Professional laundry services have the expertise needed to handle and properly clean delicate fabrics like satin, wool, and angora, among others.

Even if these clothes aren’t stained, a simple cleaning runs the risk of damaging them. One of the best ways to properly clean these items is to first search for a “laundry wash and fold near me” and mail the items in.

Items That Need Light Repair

If you have a business suit that is missing a button, sending that through the mail is a great way to get it back in your cycle of wearable clothes. The same is true for items that need zippers replaced, hemming, taking in, or letting out.

Garments and linens that need light repair are prime candidates for sending to your mail order laundry service. Just confirm that your chosen laundry drop-off service offers these minor repairs, as not all do.

What Not to Send

It’s safe to say that these items are consistently refused by commercial laundry services.

Clothes That Are Too Damaged to Repair

It is true that a good laundry service can repair different types of damage on your clothes, but not everything can or should be fixed. If you have something that is excessively stained or has too much caked-on dirt, it is better to replace it. If you have items that have been chewed by rodents, replacing them may also be the best bet.

In this case, when you aren’t sure, you should contact the laundry service app you are working with. Often you can send pictures of the damage, and they can let you know if it can be repaired.

Items that have been exposed to smoke damage often cannot be repaired. It is generally advised not to send these through the mail.

Exceeds the Weight Limit

You need to be mindful of how heavy your package is. If you have a single item that is too large to send through the mail, then you will need to find other arrangements. The weight can also add up with smaller garments.

Putting too many clothes in a package can lead to a delay, as the package will get sent back to you by the party doing the transit.

Always Communicate

If you doubt whether or not the item or items you want to send will be refused, simply ask your dry cleaning pickup service. It’s easy to ring the company up or send out an email asking whether or not the items in question can be mailed and how best to do so. A reliable mail order laundry service won’t hesitate to assist you and respond to your queries.

Get Convenience from Mail Order Laundry

Now that you know what you can send to your mail order laundry dry cleaning service, it’s time to start taking advantage of the convenience this service offers. The best mail order laundry companies can handle even delicate fabrics. Just remember to be mindful of items that are likely to be refused so you can keep these out of the package you’re sending in.





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