Eco-friendly Cleaning Choices

Cleaning products often contain toxic chemicals that are dangerous for humans, pets, marine life, and the environment. Fortunately, there are safe, non-toxic options that you can use. These options range from eco-friendly dry cleaning to organic degreasers. Get the details on the best eco-friendly cleaning choices available so you can protect your family and the environment.

Organic Dry Cleaning

Eco-friendly dry cleaning is the ideal choice if you want to protect the environment. Instead of using toxic chemicals to clean clothing, organic dry cleaners use non-toxic solvents like liquid silicone.

You might be surprised to learn that traditional dry cleaning is dangerous. Let’s take a closer look at the process, so you’ll understand why eco-friendly dry cleaning is a must if you want to protect the environment.

Dangers of Traditional Dry Cleaning

Traditional dry cleaning chemicals are toxic, making them dangerous for people and the environment. Exposure to these chemicals can lead to a variety of health problems, including cancer. Plus, the chemicals get in the air and water supply, hurting the ozone layer and marine life. They even stay on clothing and then vaporize, so the toxins can end up in your home. That puts your entire family at risk.

The Solution Is Non-toxic Organic Dry Cleaning

Liquid silicone and other non-toxic solvents used during organic dry cleaning are safe for people and the environment. They are even safe for marine life.

These materials might be safe for people, animals, and the environment, but they are tough on stains. Non-toxic chemicals do a better job of penetrating fabric to get to the heart of stains. At the same time, the chemicals leave clothing feeling soft and free of odors.

Organic dry cleaning companies also take other steps to help the environment. You can use an organic dry cleaning pickup service that utilizes environment-friendly vehicles. Also, you can find a company that provides customers with reusable garment bags and hangers. These are just some of the ways that eco-friendly dry cleaning companies protect the environment.

Because these companies are environmentally friendly, you can reduce your carbon footprint when you use the services as well. This is one of the easiest ways to protect the environment.

Organic dry cleaning is just one way to keep toxins out of the air and water supply. Let’s look at some eco-friendly cleaning products you can use around your house.

Blueland Multi-Surface Cleaner

A good all-surface cleaner is necessary for keeping your home clean. Blueland Multi-Surface Cleaner is a top choice if you want to eliminate dirt and grime without harming the environment. You might have seen this product on the TV show “Shark Tank,” and now it’s available for purchase. When you buy it, you’ll get cleaning tablets and a reusable bottle. You just need to put a tablet and water in the bottle and then spray down countertops and more. It does an amazing job of cutting through grime when cleaning surfaces.

Bona Hard-Surface Floor Cleaner With Lemon Mint

If you have hard-surface floors, you can make them shine with Bona Hard-Surface Floor Cleaner with Lemon Mint. You just need to spray the floor with the cleaner and then use a mop to wipe it up. Along with cleaning the floor, it will make your home smell like citrus. That means your house will smell as clean as it looks.

Force of Nature Cleaner

You can also tackle dirt and grime without harming the environment when you use Force of Nature Cleaner. This cleaner comes in the form of an activator capsule. You’ll need to mix it with water, and then it will be ready to use. This cleaner kills as many germs as bleach does without the harmful side effects. It’s also a List N disinfectant, meaning it can stand up to COVID-19.

Bon Ami Powder Cleanser

Sometimes, you have heavy-duty cleaning needs. Fortunately, Bon Ami Powder Cleanser can rise to the occasion without toxic chemicals. Feldspar, baking soda, and limestone are the main ingredients in this powerful cleaner. It can take on difficult-to-clean surfaces, and you can even use it to wipe away scuffs on walls and floors. Also, because it’s fragrance-free, you won’t have to worry about your entire house smelling like a cleaner when you finish.

Method Antibac Bathroom Cleaner

Your bathroom will sparkle and shine when you clean it with Method Antibac Bathroom Cleaner. It can handle the entire bathroom, including hard water stains. It even tackles soap scum and showerheads with ease.

The cleaner doesn’t just make the bathroom sparkle, either. It also kills germs, so you can keep your family safe and healthy when you use it.

Home Made Simple Dish Soap

You can even stay eco-friendly when washing dishes with Home Made Simple Dish Soap. It comes in a recyclable bottle that’s filled with plant-based ingredients. The formula does a great job on grease and will wash away food scraps. It even comes in three amazing scents. You can get this dish soap in lavender, lemon, or rosemary.

Krud Kutter Original Concentrated Cleaner/Degreaser

Greasy surfaces like stovetops don’t stand a chance against the Krud Kutter Original Concentrated Cleaner/Degreaser. This non-toxic degreaser is safe for the environment, people, and pets, but it absolutely destroys grease. It’s fast-acting, so you can eliminate grease in no time when you use this product.

Refillable Glass Cleaner

You can’t help but dread cleaning windows and other glass surfaces. Glass tends to streak, so you can spend the better part of a day trying to make your windows shine. That’s not an issue when you use Refillable Glass Cleaner. You will receive a refillable bottle and a packet of glass cleaner when you order it. You’ll mix it with water and let the packet dissolve. Then, you can tackle windows and other glass surfaces in your home. It does a great job of cleaning glass without leaving streaks behind, and it’s environmentally friendly, too. That’s a double win.

Do Your Part to Help the Environment

These eco-friendly cleaning options can handle your cleaning needs without harming the environment. You can hit the ground running by using an organic dry cleaning company. Schedule a dry cleaning service online, and then the company will pick up your clothing in an eco-friendly vehicle. Once you get your dry cleaning squared away, you can take the next step by purchasing eco-friendly cleaners.


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