Energy Efficient Operation

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Greener Cleaner has done way more than just change the solvent we clean with.  We’re doing everything we can to become a truly earth-friendly business.


Energy Efficient Bulb

Energy Efficient Plant

Greener Cleaner has outfitted our brand new production facility with the most energy efficient components available.  From energy efficient light bulbs in our production facility, to high-efficiency washers that save water on every load, we’ve made a commitment to being a truly green business.



Fuel Efficient Fleet

Fuel efficent vanGreener Cleaner is currently in the process of converting our entire fleet to fuel efficient vehicles. We’ve already replaced a third of our fleet, and as time goes on, you’ll begin to see more and more of our Ford “Transit Connect” vans on the road. These vans get almost double the fuel efficiency of our older, larger vehicles!


Cluttered Hangers

Hanger Recycling Program

Tired of a cluttered closet full of wire hangers that you don’t use and don’t want?  We’ll take care of that for you!

Greener Cleaner will gladly take back your old or unused hangers and recycle them for you.  We just ask one favor:  please don’t put them inside of your Green Garmento Greener Cleaner bags – the sharp ends of the hangers could damage the bag or worse, your clothes that are inside.

Simply put the hangers in a totally separate bag (like a paper grocery bag for example), and leave the bag of hangers next to your Greener Cleaner bag on your next pickup.  Our drivers will automatically grab the hangers for recycling the next time we come by!