The Green Garmento™

Picture this scene… you get home from the cleaners, and you hang your clothes in your closet. But before you’re done, you have some work to do! It takes you ten full minutes just to “unpack” it from all it’s plastic and packaging, and when you’re done, you look in the trash, and what do you see? It’s stuffed to the brim with unnecessary plastic and packaging! Isn’t there a better way? YES!!!

Greener Cleaner now significantly reduces the amount of plastic and packaging we use, by providing all of our pickup and delivery customers with Green Garmento™ bags to use while using our service.

These bags are truly amazing! They are actually four bags in one! They can be used as:

  1. Laundry bags
  2. Clothes Hampers
  3. Duffel Bags – to give us your soiled clothes
  4. Garment Bags – so that we can give you your cleaned clothes back, without using plastic packaging!

For more information, please check out The Green Garmento website!

The bags are provided free to our customers, however, we do charge a 100% refundable deposit of $7.95 to ensure that we get the bags back if you ever decide to cancel the service for any reason. As long as you return the bag within 6 months from the last time you used the service, the deposit will be returned in full. Or, you may decide to simply keep the bag and forfeit your deposit – it’s up to you!