Couture Quality Cleaning

Your cherished garments should only be trusted to a cleaner who understands quality.

A cleaner that uses a gentle process that cleans delicate clothes without damaging fabric. A cleaner that takes pride in quality control and a working environment that promotes continued learning by employees, so ensure the highest levels of service. In short, your most treasured garments should only be touched by a cleaner who cares. In Chicagoland, that cleaner is The Greener Cleaner.

Hand Finished shirts

When it comes to shirts, The Greener Cleaner truly strives for perfection.

We take more steps to ensure the perfect shirt than any other cleaner in Chicagoland, and it shows.Every single shirt that comes through our facility gets hand touched – a step that adds significant cost to us, but truly shows in the final product for our customers.

We also do all the little things right. We ensure no shirt comes back with broken buttons. We insert collar supports and collar stays to protect against crushed or misshapen collars. We’re also the only company in Chicagoland using “Collar Saver” hangers, specially designed to maintain the shape of your collars.



Expert Alterations

The difference between “off the rack”, and truly tailored clothing has to be seen to be believed.

Our professional tailor can make you look your absolute best, and can completely alter suits, slacks, blazers, even bridal and wedding gowns, to ensure they fit to perfection.

Come see Aneta, our incredible tailor at Drive Cleaning in Skokie Monday – Saturday from 9am – 12pm, or at our Edgewater location in Chicago by appointment.

Wedding Dresses

Your wedding – one of the most important and memorable days of your life.

You’ll always have the photos, videos, and memories, but some might forget that your wedding gown if preserved correctly is more than just a memory. It may become a family heirloom that can be passed down to future generations. Make sure your wedding gown is cleaned and preserved by a dry cleaner who truly understands the process. We’ll clean your cherished dress carefully with our gentile solvent, making sure that the utmost care is taken with beads, sequins, and any other decorations. When cleaned, we’ll return the gown back to you in a special heirloom preservation box, using acid free paper and closing the box with nearly air tight seal to prevent yellowing over the years.


leather jacket

Leather & Suede

Cleaning leather, suede, and fur garments is not at all like cleaning fabric, and only an expert in leather and suede should be trusted with your valuable leather garments.

For this reason, The Greener Cleaner has partnered with one of the top leather and suede companies in the country to clean our leather and suede items. Our partner company has more than 50 years of experience cleaning these types of items, and has the specific equipment and facilities necessary to do the job correctly. In addition, you can trust that The Greener Cleaner would only partner with a company that cleans using environmentally friendly cleaning techniques. For all your leather, suede, and fur cleaning needs, you can trust The Greener Cleaner.

Household Items

If there’s ever something you want cleaned without harsh petrochemicals, it’s your bedding!

You and your family spend up to 8 or more hours each night breathing in exactly what your comforters and bedding have been cleaned with. Make sure you’re not breathing in harsh petrochemicals all night long! The Greener Cleaner cleans all types of household items, including down or standard pillows, sheets, duvets, tablecloths, curtains, and much more.

woman sleeping in the bed

washing clothes

Wash and Fold Laundry

Let The Greener Cleaner handle this thankless task for you, and take back your free time!

Laundry day. We all dread it, and yet it keeps coming back, week after week. It’s time to stop working harder and start working smarter, by outsourcing your laundry day to The Greener Cleaner!

Our trained laundry professionals are taught to treat each and every load of laundry like we would treat our own, so you can feel confident knowing the very best care is being taken with your clothes.