Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning

Dry Clean Wedding DressYour wedding… You had the time of your life, surrounded by cherished friends and family, making memories that will last a lifetime.  Now that your wedding is done, what do you plan to do with your dress? You can leave it to Chicago wedding dress cleaners.  We’re experts at cleaning and preserving wedding gowns.

Did you trample all over the train? Spill some wine on the bodice? We’ll take care of it.  Using our environmentally friendly methods, we’ll expertly clean your wedding gown with exquisite detail. We understand that this is your one and only wedding gown, and we have only one opportunity to get it right for you.

Once cleaned, most brides choose to preserve their wedding dresses for future generations.  We’ll take care of that too, using acid free paper and vacuum sealing the containers to ensure your dress doesn’t yellow over time.

All wedding gowns are custom-cleaned and hand-finished by our wedding cleaners in Chicago, so prices will vary depending on the dress and the amount of cleaning required. The Greener Cleaner is the go-to Chicago wedding dress cleaner for all brides. Using eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning materials, our team of experienced staff have been restoring cherished wedding dresses for many years. With over three decades of experience in providing quality service, we are the best choice for all your wedding dress cleaning needs. So don’t wait, let the professionals at The Greener Cleaner take care of your wedding dress today!

Trust our wedding dress dry cleaning expertise to ensure that your precious gown is preserved and ready for your big day. We use only the highest quality cleaning solutions and implement a full inspection process to guarantee that your dress will be returned to you looking flawless. Our Chicago wedding dress cleaners are experienced in handling a variety of fabrics and materials, including delicate items.