Greener Cleaner Services


Most clothing labels have laundry symbols to indicate the ideal laundering method for the garment in question. In fact, in many parts of the world, these labels are actually regulated by the government, like nutrition facts or lists of active ingredients in food and medication. For this reason, clothing manufacturers often err on the side of caution with these labels, encouraging more fastidious, painstaking, and expensive laundering methods than absolutely necessary. This also helps them avoid consumer complaints about damaged products, especially since they aren’t required to provide any justification or explanation for their instructions. However, informed consumers can save time, money, and their clothes by understanding which textiles should or shouldn’t be taken to the cleaners, and under which circumstances.

Free Pickup and delivery

FREE you ask? FREE WE SAY!  Yes, in the past, Greener Cleaner charged extra for home delivery service.  But no more! We have now merged with Drive Cleaning, a company that specializes in pick-up and delivery.  Using their techniques to maximize efficiency of our routes, we can now offer pick-up and delivery for exactly the same price you would pay if you came to one of our stores.

The pickup and delivery process is incredibly easy because you don’t need to be home at all! Although the process may change slightly depending on what type of building you live in, you can always expect the following things:

  • -Greener Cleaner never charges any delivery fees, membership fees, or monthly minimums!
  • -Typical turnaround is 3 days, but 48 Hour service may be available – if you have any special requests, just ask!
  • -Greener Cleaner is a non-tipping organization. We’re just doing our jobs!
  • -Greener Cleaner does more than just dry cleaning and laundry. We’ll also clean your leather, suede, comforters, and do your alterations!
  • Learn more about our free delivery service:
  • +Delivery to a single family house
  • +Delivery to buildings with doormen
  • +Delivery to buildings without doormen
  • +Personal delivery to your office or business
  • +Group Delivery to your Business or Corporate Office Park

Couture Quality Cleaning

Simply stated – Greener Cleaner’s number one priority is our total commitment to quality.  We pride ourselves on making sure you look your best.

We don’t compete with discount cleaners, and we have never tried to do so.  Instead, we invest every resource possible back into our company.  At The Greener Cleaner, you can feel confident entrusting us with your most cherished garments, whether it’s a vintage family heirloom, an expensive designer garment, or simply a favorite sweater that you’ve had forever and want to keep forever.

You can give these items to us with confidence, because we don’t skimp on quality, ever.  We use the highest quality soaps and detergents.  Our equipment is state of the art.  We continuously train our staff to maintain the highest levels of performance.  And we always do the little things to make sure your garments come back to you looking as close to off-the-shelf as possible.

Hand Finished Shirts

 The PERFECT shirt.  Is it attainable?  We say yes.

Or, at least we’ve gotten as close as possible to perfection.  At Greener Cleaner, your shirts are treated with the utmost care, from start to finish.  Our staff is trained to take every imaginable step to ensure that your shirts come back to you looking like new.

  • Your collar stays are removed before cleaning and replaced afterwards.
  • We use only the best detergents on the market, utilizing multiple enzymes to get out tough stains, while leaving the whites and colors incredibly bright.
  • Shirts are pressed on state of the art pressing machines, and each and every shirt gets hand touched to remove any imperfections.
  • NO MORE BROKEN BUTTONS! Our inspectors are trained to inspect every single button, from the cuffs, to collars, to the front buttons.  Broken buttons are replaced free.
  • Plastic collar supports are inserted into each and every collar to ensure that the collars don’t get ‘crushed’ while in storage or in-transit.

We’re so confident that you’ll love your shirts from Greener Cleaner, we’ll guarantee them.  If you’re unhappy with a shirt we’ve cleaned for any reason, let us know and you’ll get your money back.  What other cleaner can stand behind their service like that?

Leather and Suede Cleaning

Girl in leather coat

 In-house Leather and Suede Cleaning

Cleaning of leather and suede has always been problematic for most cleaners.  Why? Because 98% of them can’t do their own in-house cleaning.  This is just another way that Greener Cleaner is different.  We can probably clean 60-70% of the leather and suede items in-house, which means you know that your leather or suede item is being clean with environmentally friendly methods, AND we can typically get leather and suede items cleaned in house done in about 3 days, rather than waiting two weeks or longer like at other cleaners.

In-house Leather and Suede Repair and Alterations

To add to our wide array of in-house services, we also offer in-house leather and suede repair and alterations!  Very few cleaners offer this service in-house, and we have one of the best in Chicagoland, our Master Tailor, Art Tovoularis.

Not everything can be done in-house

Yes, there are certain items that we still can’t clean in house (area rugs and leather hand bags are two examples) but we’ll always let know know when your items will be sent out to a specialty leather cleaner to make sure you know that it will take a bit longer to return.

Bridal Gown Cleaning and Preservation

Your wedding… You had the time of your life, surrounded by cherished friends and family, making memories that will last a lifetime.  But now that it’s over, what are you to do with your dress?  Leave that to us.  We’re experts at cleaning and preserving wedding gowns.

Did you trample all over the train? Spill some wine on the bodice? We’ll take care of it.  Using our environmentally friendly methods, we’ll expertly clean your wedding gown with exquisite detail. We understand that this is your one and only wedding gown, and we have only one opportunity to get it right for you.

Once cleaned, most brides chose to preserve their gowns for future generations.  We’ll take care of that too, using acid free paper and vacuum sealing the containers to ensure your dress doesn’t yellow over time.

All bridal gowns are custom cleaned and hand finished, so prices will vary depending on the dress and the amount of cleaning needed.

Please call today to schedule an appointment for a wedding dress consultation.  One of our managers will work with you directly to ensure you are completely satisfied with the process from start to finish.

Expert Alterations

Meet Art Tavoularis.  If you need any sort of tailoring or alterations done, he’s your new best friend.

Art is old school.  He is a classically trained European Master Tailor, and has now been doing alterations for nearly 50 years.  Art can do anything – from the simple, to the extremely complicated – and make it look easy.

Art currently works out of our sister location, Drive Cleaning, at 4837 Oakton St. in Skokie.  He’s there everyday (Mon-Sat) from 9am until noon (and longer on busy days!)

If you are not able to get up to Skokie, don’t worry! Our clerks at Edgewater are trained to be able to take your measurements for simple alterations like hems, sleeve shortenings, and taking in a waistline.

If you have a more complicated alteration request, Art is available by appointment at either location.  Simply give our Skokie store a call at (847) 673-6400 a call, and let us know that you’d like to set up an appointment to see Art.  We’ll make sure Art comes to see you at whichever location is most convenient for you!