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Most clothing labels have laundry symbols to indicate the ideal laundering method for the garment in question. In fact, in many parts of the world, these labels are actually regulated by the government, like nutrition facts or lists of active ingredients in food and medication. For this reason, clothing manufacturers often err on the side of caution with these labels, encouraging more fastidious, painstaking, and expensive laundering methods than absolutely necessary. This also helps them avoid consumer complaints about damaged products, especially since they aren’t required to provide any justification or explanation for their instructions. However, informed consumers can save time, money, and their clothes by understanding which textiles should or shouldn’t be taken to the cleaners, and under which circumstances.

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We offer 3 convenient ways to use our service!

1 – At one of our locations – See a list of GreenerCleaner stores

2 – Through our Free Pick up and Delivery Service

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Our Pricing

At GreenerCleaner, our philosophy is simple: we strive to give you the very best quality cleaning at a reasonable price.

With the added value of free delivery, online account management, automatic monthly billing, and our many other features, Greener Cleaner offers the best value in town!

Remember, there is no monthly fee or delivery charge for GreenerCleaner service!

Greener Cleaner automatically charges customers via credit card or debit card in a convenient once-a-month format.

Whether your cleaning is picked up multiple during the month or only once, you will be charged only once, at the end of the month, for the entire month’s worth of cleaning.

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Our Delivery Service

 Our Delivery Service

FREE you ask? FREE WE SAY!  Yes, in the past, Greener Cleaner charged extra for home delivery service.  But no more! We have now merged with Drive Cleaning, a company that specializes in pick-up and delivery.  Using their techniques to maximize efficiency of our routes, we can now offer pick-up and delivery for exactly the same price you would pay if you came to one of our stores.


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Our Bizziebox Service

 bizzie box serviceOur BizzieBox Service

We made dropping off and picking up your dry cleaning a thing of the past!

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Green Cleaning

green cleaning serviceGreen Cleaning Service

Greener Cleaner has built itself being one of the pioneers of Wet Cleaning..  We were the very first cleaner in the United States to offer Wet-Cleaning! To this day, we still offer customers the option of 100% Wet Cleaning. However, we’ve since expanded our lineup! Now we have become one of the top environmentally friendly dry cleaners in the region, offering not one but two methods of completely environmentally friendly cleaning: Professional Wet Cleaning, and GreenEarth Dry Cleaning.

Why do we offer two different methods of cleaning?  It’s very simple – we want the proper tools at our disposal.  You see, our philosophy is that one size does not fit all.  Every type of cleaning has strengths and weaknesses.  Wet Cleaning does a fantastic job on most stains and on most materials, but, there are certain times when GreenEarth dry cleaning might be a better solution.  Same for GreenEarth dry cleaning.  It does an amazing job on many fabrics and stains, but there are certain instances when Professional Wet Cleaning is simply better.  And, in the end, our job is to make sure that we do the job right, the first time, every time.  After all, we’re a cleaners!   What good are we if we’re environmentally friendly, but we only do an “ok” job of cleaning?

We think the combination that we have chosen, professional wet cleaning, combined with GreenEarth dry cleaning, is truly an amazing combination.  While they are both outstanding methods of cleaning separately, together they compliment each other to give Greener Cleaner the perfect arsenal to combat almost any stain.


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You can contact us by calling Free Pick-Up and Delivery Customer Line

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Drive Cleaning

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Toll Free: (855) WET-CLEAN (855-938-2532)

Store Direct: (847) 673-6400


Greener Cleaner – Edgewater

5312 N Broadway

Chicago, IL

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Greener Cleaner – Winnetka

Coming January 2015

1054 Gage St

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7am-7pm M-F; 8am-6pm Sat

Toll Free: (855) WET-CLEAN (855-938-2532)

Store Direct: 773-271-8350