Don’t Have Time for Laundry But Don’t Live Near a Laundry Service? Consider Mail Order Laundry

Depending on how busy your days are, you may need to do whatever you can to find an extra hour here or there. For instance, you may have searched “wash and fold near me” recently to look for a way to save time on doing laundry.

Even if you only need one or two loads cleaned per week, a wash and fold laundry service can help you save time and money. The problem is that not everyone is fortunate enough to have a wash and fold laundry service in their area. Maybe you are in a rural area, or perhaps there just isn’t enough demand for a local laundry service near you.

There’s good news – mail-order laundry services are available nearly everywhere. You can easily find a wash and fold company that accepts clients in any of the contiguous 48 states. This will give you all of the benefits of laundry drop-off service but via the mail.

How Mail Order Laundry Works

The exact process of using a mail-order dry cleaning and laundry will vary with each company, but you can expect a few common processes.

Expect to start by signing up on the laundry service app or website. Or maybe you’ll fill out a form or call the service to register. You may even be able to send a registration form the first time you send clothes to clean. When you sign up, expect to provide your address and payment information. The company uses this information to ensure clean clothes safely make their way back to your doorstep.

Once you are ready to send your clothes to the laundry service, you just stick them in a properly labeled box and ship them to the address provided by the service. If there are any special instructions, make sure to include these on the form. You can even pin a note on specific clothes if needed.

The service will charge the credit or debit card (or another payment method) you provided. The charges typically include any return shipping costs. When the clothes are clean, they’ll send the package back, and you’ll get them in the mail.

Some Important Differences

Remember that every laundry or dry cleaning service will be slightly different. One example is that some commercial laundry companies may offer free shipping on orders over a certain size or cost. In that case, they will also likely give you credits or otherwise reimburse you for the money you spent to send them your clothes.

There will also be some variations in what items the online laundry service accepts, the turnaround time, and what special instructions you can include. For instance, many mail-order wash and fold laundry services can deliver your clothes to you within 2 days at most. You may find that some companies take longer to return clean clothes.

How Mail Order Laundry Saves You Time

There are many benefits to using a mail order laundry service, especially when it comes to the time and effort you can save.

Time Spent Washing Clothes

The most obvious way you save time with a personal laundry service is by not having to wash your clothes. You don’t have to sort clothes, put them in the machine, or move the clothes to the dryer. This easily saves you an hour or two per load of laundry. The hours saved can be significant for people with busy lifestyles.

Time Spent Removing Stains

Not all clothes can go directly in the machine – sometimes you have to spend time removing stains first. But an eco-friendly dry cleaning or laundry service will do this for you. Whether that saves you five minutes per stain or an hour per stain, that time savings can add up.

Time Spent Folding Clothes

Once your clothes come out of the dryer, you still have to fold them. Some people can do this very quickly, but some people struggle, especially with oddly shaped items like fitted sheets. But there’s no need to fold with mail-order laundry, since your clean clothes are folded before they’re sent back to you.

Time Spent at the Supermarket

Don’t forget about the chores related to washing your clothes. How much time do you spend buying detergent or even choosing detergent? What about those times when you didn’t realize you were out of detergent until you were ready to start a load and had to drive all the way to the nearest store? That takes up even more time, especially if you live in a rural area.

Time Spent Buying and Maintaining a Washing Machine

There is also time spent caring for your washing machine and dryer. From comparing different machines to deciding which one to buy to regular maintenance to occasional repairs, all of that time can add up.

Time Spent Shopping for New Clothes – Because Yours Last Longer

There are also some surprising ways that mail-order dry-cleaning services can save you time. The biggest is the fact that you won’t have to spend as much time shopping for new clothes, as your clothes last longer. After all, commercial laundry services follow the proper care instructions, which should extend the life of your garments.

But this goes beyond not having to shop for new clothes as frequently. When you do shop, you don’t have to worry as much about the care instructions. Most wash and fold service options will also offer dry cleaning and accept special care instructions.

So, even if an item is dry-clean only or has other special instructions, you don’t have to worry about taking proper care of it. The fact that you don’t have to limit yourself to easy-to-care-for items can make shopping more enjoyable.

Save Time with Mail-Order Laundry

With so many ways to save time by using a mail-order laundry and dry-cleaning service, there is no reason to put off doing so. You just need to choose a laundry service that can best meet your needs. You should be able to register for the service online in a matter of minutes and ship out your first box of laundry that same day.