Eco-friendly Dry Cleaning: What Garments Should You Dry Clean?

Nothing can ruin clothing faster than machine washing items that need to be dry cleaned. If you want to preserve your clothes, you need to use an eco-friendly dry cleaning service as needed. The question is, which of your clothing needs to be dry cleaned and what can handle the washing machine? Get the details so you can take proper care of your clothes.

Suede Requires Eco-friendly Dry Cleaning

Suede isn’t cheap, so you want to make sure it lasts. Since water can harm suede, you need to use a dry cleaner. Don’t just choose any dry cleaning company, though. Harsh chemicals can damage suede, so you need to select an eco-friendly dry cleaning company. Organic dry cleaners don’t use toxic chemicals, so you won’t have to worry about the company damaging your suede garments.

Silk Must Be Dry Cleaned

Silk garments can also be quite expensive, and they require special care. Manufacturers use dye to color the natural fibers. However, the dye isn’t fully absorbed, so the colors will bleed if you wash the items with water. Also, the natural fibers might become mishappen and shrink when you use soap and water. An organic dry cleaning delivery service will use special, non-toxic chemicals that preserve the colors and the fit. Then, your silk garments will look new from one season to the next.

Suits Need to Be Dry Cleaned

You want to look your best every time you put your suit on. That’s why it’s so important to get your suits dry cleaned. Dry cleaning doesn’t change the shape or fit of suits. Thus, even if you get your suits tailored, they will look and feel the same when they come back from the dry cleaner. On the other hand, if you try to machine wash your suits, they might come out torn and misshapen. Then, you’ll look frumpy when you wear your suits.

Embellished and Pleated Clothing Need a Dry Cleaning Delivery Service

You also need to take special care of embellished and pleated clothing. If you toss these garments in the washing machine, they might come out without embellishments and pleats. An organic dry cleaner will take special care when cleaning these items, so you’ll get them back in excellent condition. Also, a dry cleaning delivery service can make alterations and repair your garments. Thus, if you have loose embellishments or damaged pleats, the company can fix the problems for you.

Clothing With Lining Should Be Dry Cleaned

Do you have clothing with lining? If anything happens to the lining, the clothing will become mishappen and ill-fitting. Because of that, you should take all clothing with lining to a dry cleaning company. Dry cleaners take special care with these garments, ensuring that the lining remains intact during the cleaning. Then, your clothes will fit like a glove when you get them back.

Rayon Should Only Be Dry Cleaned

Did you know that laundering rayon in a washing machine won’t clean it? Also, it could damage the material. If you have any clothing made of rayon, send the garments to an eco-friendly dry cleaning company.

Wool Is Best When Dry Cleaned

Have you ever taken a wool sweater out of the washing machine, only to realize it’s not the same shape it was before cleaning? While wool isn’t “dry clean only,” dry cleaning is essential if you want it to maintain its shape. Otherwise, you could end up with ill-fitting and boxy wool clothing. Unfortunately, when that happens, you have no choice but to throw it away. Thus, it makes sense to use an organic dry cleaning delivery service for your wool garments.

Linen Remains Crips and Wrinkle-Free When You Use a Dry Cleaner

You have two options with linen. You can wash and iron it, or you can send it to a dry cleaning company. Since linen can be so challenging to iron, many people choose a dry cleaning company. If you do this, you can also extend the life of your linens.

Cashmere Can Be Dry Cleaned or Handwashed

As with linen, you have two choices with cashmere. You can dry clean it or handwash it. If you choose to handwash, use a cashmere shampoo and launder it in cold water. Then, hang it up to dry.

If you prefer to dry clean it, it’s essential to choose an eco-friendly dry cleaning service that uses a gentle solvent, such as GreenEarth. This solvent is so gentle that it preserves cashmere. At the same time, it has a low surface tension, so it will penetrate the fabric and remove stains. Also, GreenEarth is chemically inert, so you won’t have to worry about chemical reactions with the dyes or fabric.

Oversized Items

You don’t want to overload your washing machine. That can damage the machine, and it also prevents it from cleaning the items. Thus, if you have oversized items, such as comforters, consider using an organic dry cleaning delivery service. Your items will be clean and free of stains when you get them back, and your washing machine will remain in good shape.

High-End Jeans Should Be Dry Cleaned

You can spend a bundle on high-end jeans. When you spend that much money, you want the jeans to last and last. While handwashing or machine washing and hanging them up to dry is an option, many people prefer using a dry cleaning company. The company will ensure that the jeans have the same look and fit when you get them back.

How to Schedule an Eco-friendly Dry Cleaning Service

Signing up for an eco-friendly dry cleaning service is a cinch. Enter your address online to get started. Then, you can choose your pickup. Once you select the date, prepare your clothing for the valet. Then, the valet will pick up your garments and take them to the plant for dry cleaning.