Organic Dry Cleaning and Other Ways to Make Clothes Last Longer

Does it seem like you’re constantly replacing clothing? This can cause you to go well over your clothing budget. Plus, it means that you have to say goodbye to your favorite garments much sooner than you’d like. Fortunately, you can make your clothing last longer by following a few tips. Find out how organic dry cleaning and other strategies can help you extend the life of your clothing.

Organic Dry Cleaning – A Fantastic Strategy for Long-lasting Clothing

Washing machines are abrasive, so they can tear up your clothing. Dry cleaning is much gentler on fabric, allowing you to extend the life of your favorite clothes. If you want to add even more years to your clothing, choose an organic dry cleaning company. Traditional dry cleaning companies use perc and other toxic chemicals. Over time, the chemicals can damage your clothing, so you’ll have to replace your garments.

Organic dry cleaning companies use eco-friendly solvents that do a fantastic job of removing stains while protecting the clothing. That means your clothing will last much longer when you use an organic dry cleaning delivery service.

This is just one of the reasons to choose an eco-friendly dry cleaning company. Organic dry cleaning is also safe for the environment and people. When you add those benefits together, organic dry cleaning is a clear choice.

Don’t Wash All Items After Each Wear

You can preserve your clothing by wearing items two or more times between washings. Some clothes do need to be washed after each wear. For instance, you should wash T-shirts, leggings, underwear, and socks after wearing them once.

However, you can wear jeans several times before washing them. The same is true for pajamas, bras, and outerwear. By washing these items less, you will extend the life since they won’t spend as much time in an abrasive washing machine.

Use a Bag for Delicates

If you just throw your delicates in the washing machine, they won’t last very long. Because washing machines are abrasive, they can rip and tear delicates. You can make your clothing last much longer by using a delicates bag. Put your delicate items in the bag and then wash them. This simple tip will make them last much longer.

Turn Clothing Inside Out Before Washing

Take the time to turn your clothing inside out before throwing garments in the washing machine. Doing this will help your clothing maintain its vibrant colors. Your items will be less likely to fade, so you can enjoy your favorite clothing for years.

Read the Care Instructions

Do you find yourself using the same washing machine setting for all your clothes? While that’s easy to do, it could tear up your garments. Read the care instructions for each garment you wash. Then, follow those instructions when cleaning clothes. You’ll find that your clothes last much longer when you do this.

Never Overload the Washing Machine

When you get behind on laundry, you might end up stuffing as many items as possible in the washing machine, so you can catch up. When the machine is overloaded, the clothing can’t move freely during the spin cycle. Instead, the garments rub against each other, leading to wear and tear. It’s similar to rubbing sandpaper across your clothes. As you can imagine, that’s hard on clothing.

There’s another reason to avoid overloading the washing machine. Your clothes won’t be nearly as clean if you overload the machine. Soap and water need space to reach and clean the clothes. You’ll end up with worn, dirty clothes if you overload the machine.

Sort Your Clothing

Go beyond sorting your clothing into piles of lights and darks. While sorting by color is important, that’s just one step to take. You also need to sort by fabric. That way, harsh fabrics won’t rub against delicate items. Also, if you have a piece of clothing that’s heavily soiled, put it in the washing machine by itself. Otherwise, the grime could bleed over to the other clothing, ruining your garments.

Treat Stains Immediately

Treating stains before they set in is another way to extend the longevity of your clothes. You can keep a stain-removal pen handy to use when you’re out. If that’s not possible, go home as soon as you can after staining your clothing, so you can pre-treat it. If you can treat stains before they set in, your clothes will last longer.

Hang Clothing to Dry

Dryers do a great job of quickly drying fabrics. However, they also weaken the fabric, meaning your garments won’t last as long if you use the dryer. Instead of putting your clothes in the dryer, hang them up to dry. Along with preserving your fabric, this will also save you money. You won’t have to worry about maintaining your dryer when you air-dry your clothes.

Use High-quality Hangers

Did you know that the hangers you use can impact your clothing’s life span? Wire hangers do a poor job of supporting garments. If you use these hangers, your clothing could become misshapen. Consider using wooden hangers instead. These solid hangers can support fabric, so you won’t have to worry about misshapen garments. They also look so much nicer than wire hangers, so it’s well worth the upgrade.

Make Clothing Last Longer With an Organic Dry Cleaner

These tips are easy to follow, including using an eco-friendly dry cleaner. You can sign up with an organic dry cleaning company online. Then, the dry cleaner will pick up the clothing for you. When the valet arrives, just put your items in the garment bag. Then, the valet will transport them to the facility for you.

The valet will also drop your garments back to you once they are clean. Then, you just need to hang your clothes.

Begin by scheduling a dry cleaning pickup. That’s an important step in making your clothes last longer. Then, start following the other tips as well to help ensure you’ll have long-lasting garments.